Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Legal Killer. Mr Obama and the case of Lo Porto and Weinstein

In his most famous book "The Age of Extremes", the historian Eric Hobsbawm offers an essential vision of 1900. Not the usual list of dates and names, often forgotten after a few pages, but a point of view that allows the reader to deepen and understand the causes and consequences of a past still voraciously present in the geopolitical world.Hobsbawm on his book points out an important issue : "One reason for the significant growth of barbarism was rather the unprecedented democratization of war ... It 'so that the world became used to the expulsion of entire population from their lands and killing on a large scale : the First World War cleared off an unknown number of Armenians, about 1 million and a half, by the Turks. It was estimated that in May 1940 there were about 40 million refugees uprooted from their homeland. ... One of the most tragic is that humanity has learned to live in a world where the extermination, torture and mass exile have become daily experiences that we do not notice anymore. "January 22, 2012 Giovanni Lo Porto,  Italian aid worker for a German ONG, the "Welt HungerHilfe" ("Help to world hunger") engaged in Pakistan in the reconstruction of the area destroied by the floods of 2011, is kidnapped by unknown militants and held hostage until January 2015, when Americans Drones  decide that the time had come to eliminate Ahmed Farouq, a US citizen, identify as one of the leaders of the Al Qaeda militants in South Asia. In the same mountainous area of ​​Pakistan, covered by unmanned American bombs, they were also two hostages: the American Warren Weinstein and the Italian Giovanni Lo Porto. According to numerous sources, including the "New York Times", the dynamics of this military operation is not entirely clear: The killing of Italian cooperating  took place in January 2015, but the news was released only in April, with a delay of 3 months. A few days earlier in April the Italian Prime Minister Renzi had a meeting with Obama, nothing was leaked, but rather was shown the usual standard pleasantries when the United States were praised for "the extraordinary leadership in foreign policy." After a few days the wet blanket and the case Lo Porto, the apology of President Obama and the death of two innocent archived as "an error in the fight against terrorism". Despite Obama himself had announced, in 2013, after numerous civilians killed accidentally, a "policy of Drones" more accurate and precise. An article last April, appeared on "The Guardian" reports the statement by Josh Earnest, White House spokesman, about the attacks that saw the killing of Lo Porto and Weinstein: "Our objectives in January (Adam Gadahn and Ahmed Farouq) were NOT considered "targets first-level", the protocol in the use of drones should be revised again. "The "COPASIR" (The COPASIR, organ of the Italian Secret Service  has confirmed that the relics of Lo Porto are still in Pakistan, and has not yet been possible a recognition via DNA. The italian Organization has also expressed the wish to fully understand the dynamics of what happened to the Italian cooperative, but it should be noted the lack of interest for the tragic fact: to listen to the urgent speech by Foreign Minister Italian Paolo Gentiloni about this issue, last April there were just, and shamefully I would say, 39 member of Parliament (16 of the Democratic Party, 3 Pi, 7 respectively Fi and M5S, others of Ncd and Sel),Friday is not a good day, the equally shameful excuse of Italian politics.According to Al-Qaeda, in its version of events, the US would refused any negotiation with the kidnappers, prolonging the imprisonment of the two hostages then turned into "fatal accident".Obama told, in his apology, once again the usual story that to combat the terrorist threat the possibility of mistakenly killing civilians is a rare but possible, but the American President forgets a certain Geneva Convention which states "In order to avoid casualties among civilians, the fighting forces must always distinguish between population and civilian on one hand, and military target on the other. Neither the civilian population or individual citizens or civilian objects must be the target of military attacks. " Already a report of the organization "Reprieve" (Authoritative Organization for Human Rights British) of December 2014 revealed that for each target killed by US drones there were 28 unidentified. Only in Yemen and Pakistan for 41 "terrorists" eliminated they remained on the field more than 1,000 civilians killed.For 2015 there are already more than 200 casualities according to the "Bureau of Investigative Journalism" which also is quoted in an article by the NYT, which is defined the "drones" as the favourite weapon of war by Obama, considering that in his administration there were at 330 bombing declared only in Pakistan,  unlike the infamous George W. Bush which in his term saw "only" 51 attacks unmanned.The Pakistani army seems on the verge of defeating the terrorist danger, in particoular in the area where Lo Porto and Weinstein were killed by drones. The "Washington Post" also commented on the difficulties of an independent analysis of news that leaked from the country, since the affected area of ​​Pakistan is forbidden to the reporters. The event almost unique in which Obama has pleaded guilty for the killing of the two aid workers help us to reflect on another point: the file from the US administration full of dead peoples categorized as "unidentified", tens, hundreds, which does not even have the right to  stick a label with a name or a  false, but still formal, presidential apology. This shows once again what kind of value the American war Machine got for human lives. Numbers, path errors, tiny spots on the paper where the word "victory" or "end" is never fully spelled out.The Italian rulers and those across the world continue to incense the US as an example of economic and democratic freedoms. The law will work only for small fishes: if you kill, no matter the extenuating circumstances, however, you have committed a crime, this is not true for the big fish who have power and money to bypass the laws and make them harmless. Returning to the considerations of Hobsbawm we are witnesses of an era where the rulers are omnipotent regarding the laws, the International Law and Human Rights, they can decide each individual life destiny, becoming a divine figures, a kind of  God, remains without blame for the masses who worship them and vote for them. People, in a real and conscious world would be take to the streets protesting furiously for Lo Porto, Weinstein and all those killed "by mistake" from a war without end, but the hedge of  everybody garden is still green and tidy, selfishness wins , ignorance wins, getting used to the bad and the worst. maremmacinghialaaaaaa


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