Monday, March 2, 2015

US Empire: Secret War and Torture Across the Globe

The recent report by the US Senate on the CIA torture that  has commited in the past decade of fighting terrorism has shocked only those who still believe in fairy tales served by the majority of newspapers and TV. Information without historical memory, which deliberately ignore the very foundations of Geopolitics, the plot, the coup d'etat, such as the attacks or "plane crashes" too hastily stored despite numerous questions unanswered, questions from those who reject the official versions of the facts because obviously incomplete and deficient.Documents from the past, the last century show us the US involvement in numerous Coups in Central and South American, the fiasco of the Vietnam War, the funding to the Afghan rebels, later became Al Qaeda. How to trust and accept for good the nowadays campaigns in the Middle East? Are we in the presence of a collective redemption by an administration, the American one, which continues to outperform competitors in military spending? Humanitarian aid is the last thought but the first excuse of an Empire that just wants to control the world and its resources. Obviously other superpowers are not acting like bit player, are in the same geopolitical chessboard. We must start from the axiom that war springs from the lie, the war is only a huge game for power and money.Amnesty International has always been on the side of human rights and against all forms of abuse. They has been clamoring that European countries denounce the interference of the CIA and torture perpetrated in their countries. Who knows  must reveal the names, because these crimes do not go unpunished. Julia Hall, an expert on terrorism and human rights is even more explicit: "Without the help of the European the United States would not be able to secret detentions and torture for so many years." (Have you read or heard on TV this news ?!)Amnesty points out how in the substantial US Senate report are indicated alleged secret places of detention illegal in Poland, Lithuania, Romania. All this with the logistical support of Germany, United Kingdom, Macedonia, for a turnover of several million dollars.The confirmation comes also from the Pulitzer Prize and journalist of the "New York Times" Mark Mazzetti and his book "Killing Machine", which tells the metamorphosis of the CIA, especially after the attacks of September 11 in the US. The CIA activities is mixed with that of the Pentagon in a concert military-intelligence complex shaping a new American way of war.Nick Turse, investigative journalist and contributor to the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times reports that the US Special Forces (SOF) are present in an unimaginable number of countries, often in disguise. 133 for the accuracy, 70% of Nations of the planet. The confirmation comes from Lieutenant Colonel Robert Bockholt, official SOCOM (US Special Operations Command). The best of the best of the American special forces engaged in operations  from training of local soldiers to true and proper "captures and eliminates" perceived enemies / terrorists. All these tasks are not followed by the traditional media, then the channels of information come from the press military, tip off from the White House, or former soldiers or officials in the mood for revelations.The new General of SOCOM (United States Special Operations Command), the US command in charge of special operations, is Joseph Votel III, a graduate of West Point and Army Ranger. This command has seen duplicate its officers since 2001, 33.000 against 70.000 today.Nick Turse takes us on a journey into the very detailed structure of this Military Organization.The lion's share of the SOCOM belong to the Rangers and the Green Berets followed by the Air Force, the Navy (the SEALs), other special units and a small group of Marines. This command of SOCOM has numerous sub departments in the planet: the SOCAFRICA, the SOCEUR (European contingent), the SOCKOR (only for Korea), the SOCPAC covering the rest of the regions of Asia and the Pacific, the SOCSOUTH, specific Caribbean, Central America and South America, the SOCCENT for the Middle East, the SOCNORTH, specifically for the defense of American soil, the JOSc, an elite special forces to eliminate terrorist cells in any part of the planet. "The murderers secrets Obama" as defined them Naomi Wolf in an article on "The Guardian", who continues: "A special group out of any law and immune from any martial law." To understand this group is the same that have "cleared" the enemy of the moment Ranked # 1 Osama Bin Laden."The purpose is to create a sort of international military cooperation, with an interchange between the different special forces of each Country." Turse continues. These "special operations interchange" (called Solos) are already present in 14 Embassies of many allied countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, El Salvador, France, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Kenya, Poland, Peru, Turkey and the United Kingdom. The goal is to expand these "partnerships" to 40 countries by 2019. The abbreviation JSOTF-P, for example, is part of the support that the US military with its special forces provide in the Philippines, to defeat alleged jihadist cells. About 600 officials and US military in support of local militias. On the other hand there is also a ten-year agreement signed between the United States and the Philippines that allows the first to use military bases on the spot for their Jet war in order to counterbalance the risks of China, is not a movie but reality. Another Special Unit is now banned, which was to support and protect the sovereignty of the Afghan government (Joint Special Operations Task Force-Afghanistan), with night operations, catch and even killings of civilians. Only in 2014, after ten years of denies, the Pentagon has admitted the existence of this special group. 
In addition to this already large deployment of forces more or less official across the globe, there is also a group called "Special Operations Command Forward" (SOC FWD) in which small groups of soldiers carry out actions to support  special combat situations . The SOCOM refused to confirm the presence of this latest assault units. But there are already numerous articles and documents that prove the existence of these groups of soldiers: Pakistan, Yemen, Lebanon, SOC FWD East Africa, Central Africa and SOC SOC FWD FWD West Africa. A recent example of exercises and intrusions in the various African governments, is the last coup d'etat in Burkina Faso: the African Chef Isaac Zida, author of the overthrow of the government, had received in 2012 a course of counterterrorism in Florida, as reported by the " Washington Post ". Tutorials Americans in Trinidad and Tobago, Suriname, Green Berets who teach armies Dominicans. Last September 1200 US soldiers have participated with special Dutch, Polish, Czech, Lithuanian, Finnish, British, Norwegians and Sweden forces  in exercises with close combat, assaults night, rescues hostages, snipers and so on."I can assure you that what happens in Latin America affects west Africa which in its turn affects Southern Europe which consequently affects the Southeast Asia, everything is connected." This statement of Admiral William McRaven American former commander of SOCOM and JSOC, made at a meeting of the sector in 2013. But between scandals and torture, Coups d'etat and meddling in the sovereignty of various Nations, huge budget for military spending, wars never won but rather exploded like a virus out of control, the taxpayer does not have the right to know that these operations in fact affect freedom and future.In 2001, according to Turse, there were 23 Terroristic Groups: from  Hamas to IRA, as cataloged by the US State Department. The members of Al Qaeda was not more than 1000 mainly in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Today, after more than a decade of secret wars, sophisticated security systems, and billions of dollars squandered, Terrorist Groups are almost 40, many stepsons of Al Qaeda, spread from Yemen to Nigeria, Mali, Tunisia, Morocco, the Somalia, Lebanon, not counting the ISIS 30000 and its affiliates. Affairs for the American special forces is booming, the face of global terrorism.In Italy alone the US military has invested more than two billion dollars by the end of the cold war, turning the country into a strategic / logistics platform  for the various war in the middle east. Military bases, commercial agreements, tutorials, accommodation, weapons, 15% of US forces in Europe reside in Italy with over 50 bases located in the Alps to Sicily. (Article published in La Stampa)This type of information falls into that category called "awkward" because it could cause the citizen to think that we are a colony of the United States, that although the Constitution we are directly involved in wars and massacres of civilians in the half of the world, that the Government always folds more often to Washington's demands under the risk/pressure to lose trade agreements and contracts in the Middle East. Despite the economic crisis and social depression that crosses the Italian economy and the west in general, the money for military spending are always guaranteed and indeed increase (for the year 2015 are provided almost 18 billion) for new aircraft to defend ourselves from terrorists that precisely the United States go to hunt incognito among the world or perhaps I should say that the first train them and then fight them and possibly torture them, as history continues to teach us if there were organs of misinformation that tell us anything but the uncomfortable truths .... maremmaaaaa cinghialaaaaaaaaaaaa

Sunday, February 8, 2015

L'Impero USA: Torture e Guerre Segrete in Mezzo Mondo

Il recente rapporto del Senato Americano sulle torture che la CIA ha commesso in questo decennio di lotta al terrorismo ha scandalizzato solo coloro che ancora credono alle favole servite dalla maggioranza dei giornali e delle TV. Informazioni senza memoria storica, che ignorano volutamente i fondamenti stessi della Geopolitica, delle trame, dei golpe, di quelli attentati o "disastri aerei" troppo frettolosamente archiviati nonostante le numerose domande senza una risposta, domande da parte di chi rifiuta le versioni ufficiali dei fatti perchè palesemente incomplete e deficitarie. 
Documenti dal passato, del secolo scorso ci mostrano i coivolgimenti degli Stati Uniti in numerosi Colpi di Stato nella Nazioni centro e sud americane, il fiasco della guerra del Vietnam, i finanziamenti ai ribelli afghani, poi divenuti Al Qaeda. Come fidarsi ed accettare per buone le campagne presenti in medio oriente ? Siamo forse al cospetto di una redenzione collettiva da parte di un'amministrazione, quella americana, che continua a sbaragliare i concorrenti nelle spese militari? Gli aiuti umanitari sono l'ultimo pensiero ma la prima scusa di un Impero che vuole solo controllare il mondo e le sue risorse. Ovviamente anche altre superpotenze non stanno a guardare, sono nello stesso scacchiere geopolitico. Dobbiamo partire dall'assioma che la guerra nasce dalla menzogna, la guerra è solo un immenso gioco per il potere e per il denaro.
Amnesty International da sempre dalla parte dei diritti umani e contro ogni tipo di abuso ha chiesto a gran voce che i paesi Europei denuncino le intromissioni e le torture della CIA perpetrate nei rispettivi paesi. Chi sà deve fare i nomi, perchè questi crimini non rimangano impuniti. Julia Hall, esperta di terrorismo e diritti umani è ancora più esplicita:" Senza l'aiuto europeo gli Stati Uniti non sarebbero stati capaci di incarcerazioni segrete e di torture per così tanti anni." (Avete letto o ascoltato in TV questa notizia?!)
Amnesty sottolinea come nel corposo rapporto del senato americano siano indicati presunti luoghi segreti di detenzione illegali in Polonia, Lituania, Romania. Tutto questo con l'appoggio logistico di Germania, Regno Unito, Macedonia, per un giro di affari da svariati milioni di dollari.
La conferma ci viene anche dal premio Pulizer e giornalista del "New York Times" Mark Mazzetti e dal suo libro " Killing Machine", dove si racconta la metamorfosi della CIA, soprattutto dopo gli attentati negli Usa dell'11 settembre. L'attività della CIA si mischia con quella del Pentagono in un concerto militar-spionistico che modella un nuovo modo americano di fare la guerra.
Nick Turse, giornalista investigativo e collaboratore del NYT e del Los Angeles Times, riporta che la forze speciali statunitensi (SOF) sono presenti in un numero inimmaginabile di Paesi, spesso in incognito. 133 per la precisione, il 70% delle Nazioni del pianeta. Lo conferma arriva dal Tenente colonnello Robert Bockholt, funzionario del SOCOM ( US Special Operation Command). Il meglio del meglio delle forze speciali americane impegnate in operazioni che vanno dall'addestramento di soldati locali a vere e propri "cattura ed elimina" presunti nemici/terroristi. Tutte queste missioni non sono seguite dai Media tradizionali, quindi i canali di informazione sono gli organi di stampa militari, soffiate di qualche gola profonda nella Casa Bianca, ex soldati o funzionari in vena di rivelazioni.
Il nuovo Generale del SOCOM (United States Special Operation Command)  il comando statunitense che si occupa delle operazioni speciali, è Joseph Votel III, diplomato a West Point e Ranger dell'esercito. Questo comando ha visto duplicare i suoi funzionari dal 2001, 33000 contro i 70000 oggi.
Nick Turse ci accompagna in un viaggio molto dettagliato nella struttura di questa Organizzazione Militare.
La parte del leone del SOCOM la fanno i Rangers i Berretti Verdi seguiti dall'Air Force, dalla Marina ( i SEALs), altri reparti speciali ed un piccolo gruppo di Marines. Questo comando del SOCOM ha numerosi sotto reparti dislocati per il pianeta: il SOCAFRICA, il SOCEUR (contigente europeo), il SOCKOR (unicamente per la Corea), il SOCPAC che copre il resto delle regioni asiatiche e del Pacifico, il SOCSOUTH, specifico per Caraibi, Centro America e Sud America, il SOCCENT per il Medio Oriente, il SOCNORTH, specifico per la difese del suolo americano, il JOSC, una elite delle forze speciali per eliminare cellule terroristiche in qualsiasi parte del pianeta. " Gli assassini segreti di Obama" come li ha definiti Naomi Wolf in un articolo sul "The Guardian", che continua :" Un gruppo speciale fuori da ogni legalità e immune da ogni legge marziale." Per capirci sono gli stessi che hanno "eliminato" il nemico N.1 del momento Osama Bin Laden.
"Lo scopo è quello di creare una sorta di cooperazione militare internazionale, con un interscambio tra le diverse forze speciale di ogni singola Nazione." continua Turse. Queste "speciali operazioni di interscambio" (denominate SOLOs) sono già presenti in 14 Ambasciate di altrettanti Paesi alleati: Australia, Brasile, Canada, Colombia, El Salvador, Francia, Israele, Italia, Giordania, Kenia, Polonia, Perù, Turchia e Regno Unito. L'obiettivo è di espandere queste "collaborazioni" a 40 Paesi entro il 2019. L'abbreviazione JSOTF-P, per esempio, rientra nel supporto che l'esercito americano con le sue forze speciali forniscono nelle Filippine, per sconfiggere presunte cellule jihadiste. Circa 600 funzionari e militari USA a supporto delle milizie locali. In tutto questo c'è anche un accordo decennale stipulato tra gli Stati Uniti e Filippine che permette ai primi di utilizzare le basi militari in loco per i propri Jet da guerra in modo da controbilanciare il pericolo Cinese, non è un film ma la realtà. Un'altra Unità speciale è quella, adesso bandita, che doveva supportare e proteggere la sovranità del Governo Afghano (Special Operations Joint Task Force-Afghanistan), con operazioni notturne, catture ed uccisioni anche di civili. Solo nel 2014, dopo una decina di anni, il Pentagono ha ammesso l'esistenza di questo gruppo speciale.
In aggiunta a questo già ampio dispiegamento di forze più o meno ufficiali per il globo c'è anche il gruppo denominato "Special Operations Command Forward" (SOC FWD) in cui piccoli gruppi di soldati svolgono azioni di supporto e sostegno in particolari situazioni di combattimento. Il SOCOM ha rifiutato di confermare la presenza di questa ennesima unità d'assalto. Ma esistono già numerosi articoli e documenti che provano l'esistenza di questi gruppi di militari: Pakistan, Yemen, Libano, SOC FWD Est Africa, SOC FWD Africa Centrale e SOC FWD Ovest Africa. Un esempio recente di esercitazioni ed intrusioni nei vari Governi Africani, viene dall'ultimo Colpo di Stato in Burkina Faso: l'ufficiale africano Isaac Zida, autore del rovesciamento governativo, aveva ricevuto nel 2012 un corso di controterrorismo in Florida, come riporta il "Washington Post". Esercitazioni Statunitensi in Trinidad and Tobago, in Suriname, Berretti Verdi che insegnano agli eserciti Dominicani. Lo scorso settembre 1200 soldati USA hanno partecipato con le forze speciali Olandesi, Polacche, Ceche, Lituane, Finlandesi, Britanniche, Norvegesi, Svedesi a esercitazioni con combattimenti corpo a corpo, assalti notturni, liberazioni di ostaggi, tiratori scelti e cosi via.
"Posso garantirvi che quello che succede in America Latina influenza l'ovest Africa che a suo volta influenza il sud Europa che di conseguenza condiziona il sud est asiatico, tutto è connesso." Questa la dichiarazione dell'ammiraglio americano William McRaven ex comandante del SOCOM e del JSOC, fatta ad un convegno del settore nel 2013. Ma tra scandali e torture, Colpi di Stato ed intromissioni nelle varie sovranità delle Nazioni, budget immensi per le spese militari, guerre mai vinte ma anzi esplose come un virus senza controllo, il contribuente non ha il diritto di conoscere queste operazioni che di fatto condizionano libertà presenti e future.
Nel 2001, secondo Turse,  c'erano 23 Gruppi Terroristici da Hamas all'IRA, così catalogati dal Dipartimento di Stato Americano. I membri di Al Qaeda era non più di 1000 sopratutto in Afghanistan e Pakistan. Oggi dopo più di un decennio di guerre segrete, sistemi di sicurezza sofisticatissimi, e miliardi di dollari sperperati, i Gruppi Terroristici sono quasi 40, molti figliastri di Al Qaeda, diffusi dallo Yemen alla Nigeria, al Mali, alla Tunisia, al Marocco, alla Somalia, al Libano, senza contare l'ISIS ed i suoi 30000 affiliati. Gli affari per le forze speciali americani vanno a gonfie vele, alla faccia del terrorismo globale.
Nella sola Italia l'esercito americano ha investito più di due miliardi di dollari dalla fine della guerra fredda, trasformando il paese in una piattaforma strategico/logistica per le varie guerra in medio oriente. Basi militari, accordi commerciali, esercitazioni, alloggi, armi, il 15% delle forze USA in Europa risiedono in Italia con oltre 50 basi dislocate delle Alpi alla Sicilia. (Articolo apparso sulla Stampa)
Questo tipo di informazione rientra in quella categoria definita "scomoda" perchè potrebbe indurre il cittadino a pensare che siamo una colonia degli Stati Uniti, che nonostante la Costituzione siamo direttamente complici di guerre e massacri di civili in mezzo mondo, che il Governo si piega sempre più spesso alla richieste di Washington pena la perdita di accordi commerciali e di appalti in Medio Oriente. Che nonostante la crisi economica e la depressione che attraversa l'economia italiana e occidentale in genere, i soldi per le spese militari sono sempre garantiti ed anzi aumentano (per l'anno 2015 sono previsti quasi 18 miliardi) per nuovi aerei per difenderci dai terroristi che proprio gli Stati Uniti vanno a cacciare in incognito in mezzo mondo o forse sarebbe meglio dire che prima li addestrano e poi li combattono ed eventualmente li torturano, come la Storia continua ad insegnarci se non ci fossero organi di disinformazione che ci dicono tutto fuorchè le scomode verità....maremmaaaaa cinghialaaaaaaaaaaaa

Monday, January 19, 2015

Amazon, the breath of the Planet

If there is a chance to humanize our planet, the Amazon represents our lungs, it is vital supply of oxygen and protection for the Earth. About 5  and 1/2 million square kilometers, which preserve in its millennial ecosystem  two and half million different species of insects, tens of thousands of plants different, 2,000 varieties of mammals and birds, priceless heritage, the tangible realization of the power of nature. An endless paradise that man has make mortal and attachable 
An article of MaremmaCinghiala dated June 2009 was concerning about the serious deforestation occurring in Amazon Rainforest. It was a Greenpeace report. Now the latest updated is on 26th Nov 2014 and is showing us how the deforestation rate for the Brazilian side of this massive rainforest is decreasing of 18% from August 2013 and July 2014 when 4,848 km2 of the Amazon rainforest was destroyed (data from Brazilian Government). This announcement marks a return to decreasing deforestation rates in the Amazon. We have to consider that Brazil’s deforestation rates increased 29% between August 2012 and July 2013, reaching 5,871 km2. So it can be seen as a good news with some shadows. The agreement, just renewed few month ago for another 18 months, called "Soy Moratorium is contributing to achieve good outcomes, but we must be vigilant." Without forests, there is no rain. Without rain there is no water for our homes and farms. Instead of defending our forests, the principal Brazilian political parties spent the year praising and granting favors to big agribusiness, the principal enemy of the forests."Said Paulo Adario, Senior Forest Strategy Advisor for Greenpeace International. So problem solved, end of "Amazonia Hysteria"? The problem is related with the source of this "good" news: the Brazilian Government, who highlights the officials data. Some independent organization as the Brazilian "Imazon" (Imazon is a non-profit research institution classified as a Civil Society Public Interest Organization founded in 1990) detected 244 square kilometers of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon in October 2014. That represented a 467% increase in relation to October 2013 when deforestation totaled 43 square kilometers. 
Beside that the other side of the coin: in the other five nations whose territories cover 40% of the Amazon basin ( Perù, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela) the loss of vegetation increased threefold in the same period, wiping out a combined area of forest cover of more than 32,000 sq km. Last year, the pace of deforestation in those nations leapt by 120%. A recent article of "The Guardian" point out this latter, adding that the actual Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has put a lower priority on the environment and built alliances with powerfull agribusiness group such as the infamous McDonald or KFC, (97% of the soymeal produced worldwide is used to feed animals, not people, the European Union uses 32 % of Brazil’s total soybean harvest), but also the Oil giant Chevron, Texaco, Occidental Petroleum Corporation, Vale an iron mining Company, Belgian Timber companies Lemahieu and Omniplex, GDF Suez, EDF, Alstom, Voith-Siemens and Andritz, Arcadis, French, German, Austrian and Dutch companies involved in the Amazon dam projects, another controversial project supported by the Brazilian PM. Many more Company are involved, many meat producer that have their cattle in Brazil, eating off land of rainforest every day for some hungry European citizen. The rainforest is under attack also from gold mining Companies, many of those totally illegal, putting in severe endanger the biodiversity of this last Paradise. Researchers from the University of Puerto Rico found that an area of 1,680 sq km was cleared between 2001 and 2013, during that time the price of gold rose more than fivefold. The rate of destruction doubled in the second half of that period.
This is without mention the daily fight of the Amazon inhabitants, the native indigenous that have to deal with continuous oil spilling and Corporation invasion of their "rainforest home".
This green lang and his wonderful biodiversity is fighting every day to survive, from a side the "good news" of the Brazilian Government clashing with the bad news of the non governmental environment organization. The Country is signing more contract with the agrobusiness firms in a dangerous borderline that has to be monitored day by day. The other side show a picture of illegal logging, unstoppable demand of western market of beef, leather, gold, oil, a greedy chain of blind progress that for many worldwide Organizations  lead to the vanishing of not only Amazon Rainforest but of the worldwide rainforest in the world in barely 100 years. This cannot be understimate, considering that only Amazon itself contribute to the 20% of our oxigen. In South America, there are over 400 indigenous groups that thrive in these forests, and if deforestation continues, this could jeopardized their lifes and their futures.
Avoiding certain type of meat knowing their origin, or certain type of lifestyle like fast-food can really make the difference between exist or perish, between find a balance or overwhelm our planet with our stupid greediness. Spread the truth and be inform can make the difference now......maremmacinghialaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Monday, December 8, 2014

Collapse: How society choose to fail or succeed. The Book

From 1992 to current days worldwide governments have met in many parts of the world to discuss what countermeasures take against climate change. Rio de Janeiro, Berlin, Geneva, Kyoto, The Hague, Bonn, Milan, Montreal, Nairobi, Bali, Poznan, Copenhagen. Meetings, discussions, proposals, agreements always unstable, without a complete approval  and lifetime. Economic interests have continued  prevail over the environmental and mankind health. The competition between emerging countries and world powers seem an insurmountable obstacle. An endless chase  between China, USA, India, Brazil and old Europe, a run blindfolded into a future fill up with uncertain and risks. Progress is still seen as the prevalence on other peoples, other races, other states, dragged down  by an industrial system, a development system that every day is becoming less controllable, in which the Heads of State are meager extras. Only the more educated public sector has really understood what is the risks for future, for us and for the next generations. Too often governments considers secondary the environmental issues and the measures to be taken consequently. The priorities are the reduction of taxes, the gross domestic product, the revival of industry, commerce, banks with its debts, infrastructure with millions of tons of cement, the age for retirement, the cuts to the education welfare. Topics such as the reduction of the cars, the increase of forests, agricultural support, serious investment for bicycles, care of our seas, the extension of the natural parks, sustainable fishing, hunting, rehabilitation of buildings into disuse, the youth awareness on the environment, soil erosion, birth control, alternative sources of energy really clean, all arguments are often relegated to some ministry, some rumor voiceless, some political "green" who uses the bike and plant a tree for the satisfaction of some journalists. The land has a beautiful high fever, but the treatment does not seem urgent, the human race is discovered every day more poisoned, selfish and blind, despite new technologies, and new studies and new wealth that end, unfortunately, always in the wrong pockets .

Recent studies have shown that the levels of carbon dioxide are significantly increased in recent years.
The levels can fluctuate over the centuries in a natural way, the problem is that the current data show constant and sudden increases, especially in the last 30 years.The Media coverage about this news is as usual overwhelmed by more hot topic like the new "brand of terrorist", tax reduction, gossip, pile of rubbish.
Recently i have read the book by Jared Diamond called "Collapse": an historical/anthropological analysis about past civilizations and why some have resisted across the centuries and coming to the present day and others have disappeared over the millennia. An exciting ride, supported by studies and scientific data on how some peoples have dominated and conquered huge lands  without dealing with a nature that you have his biological cycles, its weaknesses and its limits.

Great civilizations such as the Mayans, the Vikings in North America, the Anasazi between California and Colorado, or small realities such  Easter Island, distant and different but with common analogies: to have exploited in an exceptional way its territory in terms of fishing, logging, mining, hunting. Nations that have plundered where there was to loot nothing but to find themselves with desertification, drought, famine, epidemics, overpopulation, wars and finally extinction. People without memory, without scientific measurements of the atmosphere, without the awareness that their actions were violent pickaxe for their fragile future.

In the book there are some common causes for all the peoples studied by Diamond.

- Deforestation leads to a depletion of soil
encouraging erosion and salinization , the most striking example is the Australian case, one of the least fertile land in the world  because of the high levels of salts in the soil. But also the disappearance of Easter Island is linked to a fierce deforestation that has, in fact, brought to suicide of a whole population. And what to say of an island that actually has two completely different realities? Haiti, one of the poorest countries in the world, where we find forests only for 1% of its territory, despite the fact that for decades, until the early 1800s, was the richest part of the island. French government based on an intensive agriculture, slaves traffic, continuous coups d'etat,  did the rest. While Santo Domingo still retains 28% of its forests, a lower rate of population, and therefore more sustainable policies oriented to preserve the territory, of course, always in a climate of corruption, lack of rights, and so on, but better then its neighbour.

- The
disproportionately exploitation of natural resources , the impoverishment of the seas for the high demands for fish products by populations increasingly hungry, in particoular the high demand from the developed Countries. ( The global fishing fleet is 2-3 times larger than what the oceans can sustainably support. In other words, people are taking far more fish out of the ocean than can be replaced by those remaining. souce WWF).
- An unsustainable population growth rate, resulting in high density populations concentrated in limited spaces, the relative reduction of basic necessities, resulting tensions, conflicts, wars for that lake or the territory rich in minerals.

In the book "Collapse" it highlights another key aspect: the developed countries have exported to developing countries a model of progress, an ideal of wealth, highly polluting, which is considered the no.1 achievement. Western lifestyles for millions of Chinese, Indian, Brazilian, and African. Cemented, extract, build, speculate, increase, in terms of waste.

China has growth rates that go hand in hand with the rhythms of pollution, some numbers: In 50 years its urban population has tripled, quintupled the number of cities. It's 'the largest producer and consumer of fertilizers, the second in the world for pesticides, the third in the world for oil consumption. His production of paper requires twice as much water than in Western countries. Everything connected with impoverishment of the soil, increased use of pesticides, poisoning of the water, destruction of biodiversity. 75% of Chinese lakes are polluted. The Yellow River has increased from 10 days without a regoular running water in 1988, to 230 days in 1997 !! 15% of North China is affected by desertification. 300,000 deaths per year and $54 billion are attributed to pollution.

All this often is hided, these nations are seen as an example of positive globalization, progress and prosperity for the people. There are not questions, not complete information, all is covered by a mountain of fictions. This is progress?!?! For who?!?! To get where? !!?

In the book there are also examples of realities that have become aware in time for their actions and have taken great measures: reforestation of Japan, Germany, France, the sustainable choices of the  island of Tikopia in the Solomon Islands, a small atoll inhabited since prehistoric times, with a birth rate control and a smart
and self-sufficient agriculture. These examples teach us that positive changes are possible, but we need of courageous choices, often unpopular choices. It needs tenacious women and men, confident and projected into the future, because if you plant 1,000 trees today you will have the results and responses not tomorrow, but in a couple of generations. Must carry long term ideas, not for next year or for a patetic short political mandate, but something we not going to see, but it will be seen by our children and grandson with benefits and immense satisfaction. If the human race will not come into this system of thought, even our civilization will be allocated at the end as the people presented in the book "Collapse".

The point of no return for our planet will not televised, there is no exact date to mark on your calendar, but many small symptoms that are in front of us every day, yet few are those who really conscience and decided to do something to avoid the steep fall of our civilization.

We have scientific research, satellite photos, a network of information which cancels distances and informs us about everything in real time, tools that ancient peoples did not possess, and yet we are still far from having found solutions shared by all countries. Discussions, meetings, proclamations, handshakes, promises, agreements not to comply and a tomorrow where to push and postpone, to delay effective solutions, but how many  tomorrow left?! Maremmacinghialaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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Il più pericoloso Virus del Pianeta Terra

Un articolo apparso su Maremma Cinghiala nel Marzo del 2011 con un titolo provocatorio "Il Virus dell'Uomo (questo il link) iniziava in questo modo " Una specie animale o vegetale se cresce numericamente in maniera preponderante e spropositata mette a repentaglio l'intero sistema circostante in termini di risorse per sfamarsi, di spazio vitale dove muoversi e di rifiuti prodotti. La razza umana non può esimersi da questo postulato. Il mammifero uomo si è moltiplicato in maniera sconsiderata, grazie ai progressi della scienza, grazie a nuovi farmaci che hanno debellato malattie e virus, nel passato cosiderati mortali. Come per qualsiasi altra specie il nostro numero risulta sproporzionato e questo danneggia inesorabilmente le altre specie animali e vegetali in termini di fonti in maniera insostenibile. Se a questo si aggiunge che i nostri modelli di sviluppo sono ancora basati su processi e metodologie altamente inquinanti e depauperanti per il pianeta e che si deve moltiplicare il tutto per i quasi 7 miliardi di individui presenti sul globo terrestre ed i futuri 9 miliardi tra poco meno di 30 anni, le previsioni non sono così floride."
Mi fa sorridere amaramente quando leggo notizie in cui si riporta come in Asia o Africa o altre zone, tigri, orsi o grossi predatori hanno attaccato un villaggio o le periferie di una città. Credo che questi splendidi animali se ne starebbero volentieri nella foresta se ve ne fosse ancora una con le dovute dimensioni per permettere alle su citate creature di cacciare e muoversi indisturbati. E' la Società del Paradosso.
Un pianeta che non può crescere indistintamente popolato da una razza dove le parole "crescita", "sviluppo", "aumento" sono considerate i cardini economici e sociali per il presente ed il futuro.

Questo il link dell'articolo originale in inglese dal titolo: " Overpopulation fuels Climate changes: Breeding ourselves to extinction." che evidenzia la stretta connessione tra sovrapopolazione e cambiamenti climatici
Overpopulation Fuels Climate Change: Breeding Ourselves To Extinction - See more at:
Overpopulation Fuels Climate Change: Breeding Ourselves To Extinction - See more at:

Le Nazioni Unite hanno organizzato innumerevoli incontri sui cambiamenti climatici, spesso con zero risultati eccetto per la montagna di rapporti e promesse non mantenute. I Leader del G20,  dopo numerosi ed allarmanti proclami, hanno deciso di risolvere il problema con qualche miliardo di dollari. Così come la negazione dei cambiamenti climatici è sempre più sbagliata, allo stesso modo una discussione sulla sovrappopolazione mondiale, legata ai mutamenti climatici, rimane un taboo. Possiamo garantire che niente verrà raggiunto. Se siamo davvero seri sulla riduzione della nostra "impronta ecologica" nell'ambiente, dobbiamo anche ripensare a questo modello di Capitalismo imperfetto che punta ad una crescita economica infinita, ed iniziare a pensare a ridurre il numero degli esseri umani su questo pianeta.
La Sovrappopolazione va discussa nel contesto del cambiamento climatico. L'ostacolo maggiore è stato il considerare come principali obiettivi di questa riduzione i paesi Asiatici ed Africani, con finalità eugeniche verso bambini di colore. In realtà ci sono troppi bambini di qualsiasi razza, specie nei paesi industrializzati con alti tassi di consumo di risorse.
La popolazione mondiale ad oggi è di circa 7 miliardi e 270 milioni di individui ed il suo tasso di crescita è di un nascituro al secondo, roba da confondere chiunque. Il mezzogiorno di ogni giornata vede già 205 mila nascite contro 84 mila decessi. Banalmente i continenti più popolosi sono Asia ed Africa, mentre se parliamo di Paesi ad altissima densità troviamo Cina, India, USA, Indonesia, Brasile, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Russia e Giappone. D'altro canto gli Stati più industrializzati che hanno il maggior impatto di combustibili fossili, contribuiscono all'onere maggiore per quanto riguarda la relazione sovrappopolazione-cambiamento climatico. Nello specifico troviamo per che per il 2012 Cina, USA e Unione Europea hanno contribuito al rilascio nell'atmosfera del 56% dello totale mondiale del Co2: 29% Cina, 16% gli USA e 11% EU. Seguono India e Russia, al quarto e quinto posto con, rispettivamente, il 6% e il 5%. Il Resto del mondo produce il restante 33% del Co2 quindi la restante Asia, l' Africa, Australia, centro e sud America.
Secondo Paul e Ann Ehrlich ( Biologo americano il primo, moglie ed autrice di numerosi testi sulla popolazione la seconda) che hanno studiato l'aumento di popolazione da decenni, l'impatto negativo della nostra specie sul nostro stesso sistema di vita può essere riassunto nell'equazione I= P x A x T. In questa equazione I è l'impatto della popolazione che è uguale al suo numero P, moltiplicato per il consumo pro capite A ed infine moltiplicato per l'energia richiesta dalle attuali tecnologie T per supportare quel consumo. Da questa analisi gli Stati Uniti risultano il paese maggiormente sovrappopolato del globo. La rapidità di crescita di consumi di Cina ed India e il "desiderio globale" di seguire i modelli Statunitensi potrebbero avere effetti devastanti in appena 25 anni.
La popolazione umana avrebbe dovuto affrontare le prime violente carestie già dagli anni '70, ma è stata salvata dalla scienza moderna. In particolare Norman Borlaug, il padre delle "Rivoluzione Verde" che ha permesso alla produzione mondiale di cibo di essere sostenuta sempre di più dalle fonti fossili invece che dall'energia solare. Il traguardo raggiunto è una dipendenza notevole verso i fertilizzanti industriali che richiedono grossi quantitativi di carburanti per funzionare. A questo va aggiunto un'agricoltura industriale sempre più meccanizzata e affamata di idrocarburi. Il prezzo del cibo, dei fertilizzanti e dei combustibili si è sovrapposto. Oggi, per esempio, possiamo dire che 3.5 litri di petrolio possono produrre mezzo Kg di manzo. Di conseguenza l'idea di un petrolio economico viaggia di pari passo con quella di un cibo altrettanto conveniente. Ma ci sono 3 problemi con questo pensiero moderno: il petrolio è un prodotto finito, secondo il petrolio poco caro ed abbondante posticiperà il collasso della popolazione umana che avrà un numero di abitanti ancora maggiore e terzo tutto questo petrolio finirà nell'atmosfera come anidride carbonica.
Secondo un Rapporto del Novembre 2014 della IEA (International Energy Agency), prevede che le risorse energetiche del pianeta fino al 2040 non dovrebbero andare incontro a nessun tipo di carenza. Secondo queste proiezioni fino al 2040, il mondo consumerà le fonti quali petrolio, gas e carbone con un rapporto di 1:1 con le fonti "verdi", solare, eolico e nucleare. L'espansione del "Fracking" (tecnica che frattura le roccie nel sottosuolo per recuperare giacimenti di carbone, gas ecc) aiuterà a mantenere il costo delle fonti fossili sostenibile ed abbondante. Questi dati più una previsione di un aumento della popolazione mondiale di circa 2 miliardi di individui richiederà un aumento di fabbisogno energetico del 37% entro il 2040. Un crescita vertiginosa che implica un'ulteriore emissione di agenti inquinanti nell'atmosfera con un aumento della temperatura terrestre di 3.6 gradi C. entro il 2100. Questo, secondo la IEA, è uno scenario catastrofico.
Circa 20 anni fa, quando la popolazione era più di 5 miliardi e mezzo di persone, si consumava il 40% della produttività primaria del pianeta. In altre parole il 40% dell'energia solare convertita in materiale organico veniva consumata da una singola specie animale: l'uomo. Stiamo velocemente raggiungendo il "punto critico" per il pianeta della sesta estinzione di massa della sua storia, attribuibile alla stupidità umana. Il pianeta non può in nessun modo sobbarcarsi un ulteriore raddoppio di popolazione. A prescindere se ci sono o meno fonti fossili per sostenere questo raddoppio demografico, i cambiamenti climatici anticiperanno i tempi con inondazioni, uragani, siccità prolungate, carestie dovute alla scomparsa di specie cardine per la nostra stessa ecologia, quali api, pipistrelli, dalla comparsa di sempre maggiori epidemie, nate dall'invasione della specie uomo in territori di altri animali. Questa sistema fuori controllo di sovrappopolazione, iperconsumismo e crescita continua sta tracciando un chiaro sentiero verso un suicidio collettivo.
La procreazione è ancora vista come una benedizione ed un traguardo di vita, sebbene sia una nozione obsoleta di un'era in cui servivano molte braccia per i campi, e l'aspettativa di vita era molto breve. In un mondo sovrappopolato il divenire genitore è un atto di godimento personale, l'ultimo atto di egoismo verso la società e verso i figli stessi, consegnati in un mondo in crisi. Finora l'unico paese che ha provato un controllo delle nascite è stato la Cina. Per 35 anni dal 1979 al 2014. L'impopolare politica cinese di un figlio per coppia ha evitato che la popolazione crescesso più di 400 milioni. Recentemente il trend capitalista del paese per aumentare il proprio mercato di beni da vendere ha permesso di alleggerire questa legge e aumentare il limite a due figli per coppia.
Il controllo delle nascite deve essere un mantra a livello globale e dovrà essere raggiunto senza forzature. Nella maggioranza dei paesi industrializzati la maternità comporta delle riduzioni fiscali ed ulteriori benefici. Dovremmo andare al contrario, tassazione più pesante in proporzione al numero di figli e esenzioni per chi non ne ha. Il concetto che i figli sono un peso per la società e non una benedizione andrebbe discusso con maggior serietà. Per avere un futuro come specie il numero della popolazione deve diminuire ed i consumi conseguentemente. Il Capitalismo va sfidato e deve essere adottato un modello di "decrescita". Se vogliamo davvero risolvere il problema dei cambiamenti climatici dovremo iniziare a considerare quello della sovrappopolazione.
India, the United States, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Russia and Japan - See more at:

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Rivoluzione Globale o Autodistruzione

" Mentre apprendisti stregoni camuffati da politici si autoincensano su trionfi di un G8 che in realtà non ci sono stati, su crisi economiche oramai superate, su segnali di ripresa che si scorgono da un orizzonte di cartone, in perfetto stile "Truman Show", dove il cielo azzurro è dipinto su una parete di cemento, ci sono seri studiosi che, lungi dal creare allarmismi inutili, analizzano la realtà dei fatti. Anche il recente studio di Censis-Confcommercio e Federconsumatori mostra la riduzione sensibile del potere d'acquisto delle famiglie italiane che si trovano sempre più indebitate e nella morsa di continui finanziamenti, veri e propri dissipatori di stipendio". Questo è l'incipit di un mio articolo scritto nel lontano luglio del 2009, qui il link di quel pezzo. C'era stato l'ennesimo G8, ma questa volta organizzato in Abruzzo, all'Aquila, martoriata dal terremoto. Quel disastro era il palcoscenico perfetto che permise ai politicanti di allora di inscenare l'ennesimo spettacolo di promesse mancate e strette di mano per i fotografi. In Abruzzo sono piovuti oltre 8 miliardi di euro per la ricostruzione, ma c'è ancora moltissimo da fare, ancora più di 18000 persone vivono in abitazioni provvisorie, la ricostruzione è  troppo lenta, i centro storici di molti paesi versano ancora in condizioni pessime. Le promesse sono  sotto quelle macerie, in quelle migliaia di persone che aspettano di ottenere una nuova casa e nuove dignità, nelle crepe dei vecchi edifici e in un Paese che si ricorda di una edilizia antisismica solo quando arriva qualche terremoto.
In quel G8 di 5 anni fa la ripresa economica sembrava a due passi, mentre il sottoscritto tramite questo blog parlava di "astute forme di propaganda per rassicurare o meglio confondere l'opinione pubblica".
La logica di base, senza essere economisti o analisti finanziari, era molto semplice: quelle stesse persone che avevano sostenuto e scatenato il tracollo economico, finanziario e sociale occidentale erano le stesse che proponevano le cure. La realtà del 2014 ci mostra uno scontro tra un sistema che ha ampiamente fallito ma che continua ad essere utilizzato in molte Nazioni (In primis anche l'Italia) ed un contro-sistema che sta tentando di responsabilizzare ed informare più cittadini possibili sulle alternative alla crescita del PIL, ad una tecnologia inquinante che abusa a piene mani delle risorse del Pianeta, rendendolo sempre più fragile, lasciandoci sempre più in pericolo.
Secondo recenti sondaggi della Confcommercio/Censis la fiducia degli italiani è in caduta libera, i consumi sono bloccati e sono davvero pochi quelli che ancora credono (ma esistono ancora?!?) nel Governo Italiano.
L'esempio italiano è solo uno dei tanti. Il dogma di questa economia della crescita solo per pochi eletti che abusano della loro forza per imporre stili di vita dove le differenze sono solo ostacoli allo sviluppo, ma quale sviluppo? Quello inoculato dalle oligarchie planetarie. Tutti uguali, tutti produttivi, tutti in uniforme, nessuna distrazione ma concentrazione massima verso lo stesso obiettivo: la nostra autodistruzione.
Un articolo di qualche settimana fa apparso sulla rivista "Ecologist" sintetizza la situazione:" Oggi le diseguaglianze estreme non sono inevitabili, ma sono frutto delle attuali scelte politiche." Secondo l'articolo le ineguaglianze sociali crescono di pari passo con le ricchezze di questa Elite. Dalla crisi del 2007/08 ad oggi il 10% delle famiglie ricche americane ha assobito il 90% dei miglioramenti economici fatti in questi anni. Chi ha il potere economico lo vuole mantenere, e per farlo creerà una serie di norme e regolamenti a protezione dei suoi capitali. Tutto questo è una seria minaccia a qualsivoglia processo democratico. " I gruppi politici che dovrebbero tutelare le minoranze povere, sono  influenzati e controllati dai vari potentati che decidono le regole. La forbice tra ricchi e poveri si allarga."
Un rapporto pubblicato dall'UNICEF appena qualche giorno fa, dichiara come dalla recessione globale del 2008 il numero dei bambini in povertà nei Paesi Sviluppati è cresciuto di 2.6 milioni. Sono 76 milioni i bambini indigenti nei paesi monitorati da qusta organizzazione. Italia + 5%, Regno Unito +1.60%, Grecia + 17%, Spagna +8%. I giornali metteno sulle prime pagine gli aumenti delle Borse Finanziarie, ma si guardano bene dal parlare in maniera dettagliata di questi problemi. Le politiche di austerità promosse da chi ci ha portato a questo disastro sono ovviamente fallimentari.
Una ricerca del "Credit Suisse" riporta come appena l'1% dei ricchi del pianeta controllano il 48% delle ricchezze globali. Se questa ascesa vertiginosa si manterrà tale in appena 23 anni tutto il mondo potrebbe essere controllato da quel minuscolo 1%.
Questa febbre vertiginosa è strettamente collegata ai tracolli finanziari, invece di invertire la tendenza ha creato ancora più diseguaglianze. 
La "Oxfam" ha rilasciato un'ulteriore studio in cui viene stilata la classifica dei paesi dove la forbice tra ricchi e poveri è aumentata senza controllo dal 2008: al primo posto ci sono gli USA, poi Singapore, l'Irlanda, il Giappone, l'Italia, l'Australia, la Spagna, la Francia. Nazioni travolte dal virus finanziario, ma dove i parassiti delle Oligarchie sono sempre più in salute. 
I soldi pubblici vengono continuamente dirottati e sperperati per guerre in ogni dove verso nemici creati a tavolino, verso Istituti Finanziari con stipendi da capogiro, verso sistemi di difesa, verso polizie planetarie che devono sempre di più utilizzare la violenza per "difendere" tutta una classe politica che, salvo rarissime eccezioni, ci ha portato a questo sfascio economico, ambientale e culturale. Dividono i popoli con le religioni, le malattie, le razze, gli orientamenti politici, riempiendo la testa delle masse con stereotipi, cancellando la memoria storica, costringendo i popoli ad un quotidiano presente. Un esercito di automi spinti verso la terra promessa, l'utopia di un mondo perfetto, mentre ogni giorno vengono calpestati diritti e regole a vantaggio di un ristretto gruppo di padroni.
Il nemico è dappertutto come vogliono farci credere? La paura e la disinformazione sono i veri nemici. Dobbiamo divenire padroni del nostro destino, consapevoli che non esistono eroi pronti a salvarci, consapevoli che la vera società è quella globale e la vera casa di cui prendersi cura e il nostro fragile e splendido pianeta! Svegliatevi!!!!!!!!! Maremmacinghialaaaaaaaaaaaaa

18.657 le persone assistite, che vivono ancora in alloggi provvisori - See more at:
18.657 le persone assistite, che vivono ancora in alloggi provvisori - See more at:

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Dewey & Culture, Rocker & Anarchy, Ferguson & Politics, Lippmann & Information, Morgenthau & Power, Chang & Capitalism, Pollin & Economy, Davidson & African Lies. Build your own knowledge. Ignorance is the venom

Inform doesn't mean indoctrinate someone, doesn't mean only to show the side of the coin that  is more convenient to us. Education doesn't mean imposing a thought, but rather stimulate the mind to a flexible growth, elastic and variegated. It means helping in the journey, encourage, diversify the proposals and themas, making the mind like a plant with continuous shoots and fruits, not a vessel to be filled with notions soulless.  
The information, including the independent one, is often filled with errors, articles "copy and paste" is often not verified  by those who wrote it and neither by who report the news from different websites, passed off as absolute truth. The Internet is an almost inexhaustible supply of news, articles, statistics, interviews, data, surveys, you can find everything but the opposite of everything too. Who writes on this blog love the information in its authenticity, without brush of ideology between the lines, without compromise, at least here.

If the car that we use for years continues to break down, losing pieces, leaving us strended, with costly bills at the mechanic, we must consider the idea of ​​changing it. This does not mean that we are against the car, but it is to make a logical argument that goes to our advantage. Similarly, the economic, political and social system is like a machine that decades ago had promised amazing progress, the elimination of poverty, narrowing the gaps between rich and poor countries, the success of the free market, globalization, protectionism, the production line vs the local artisan, growth without limits vs the conservation of resources, a wellness continuous as a rain, without exception. This system, this machine is showing the limits of its promises, losing pieces, is routinely repaired to make a few more miles, because his supporters continue to make rivers of money. They do not want change, they do not want the welfare of all, but only of their Elite, and those related to those elite, an army of followers, in a spiral of power and privilege.
We could say that the West has become rich and prosperous because it lived on the shoulders of developing countries, which were once colonies: raw materials, spices, gold, diamonds, oil, have been largely taken from South America , Africa, Asia and the Middle East and redistributed in Europe and North America.
The story has an endless collection of studies by scientists, economists, philosophers who had already predicted the failure of this system. They had done this in difficult times, when the free market, privatization was at the peak of a development that would be revealed later with feet of clay.

This article will show some of these scholars who had studied why this system could not work. There would be many, many more, but the intent is not to make a list, but to stimulate the reader to deepen these studies, sorting through the pages of history, where everything is already written, diagnosed and expected. A present without memory is intended for an increasingly uncertain
and devastating future .

On the concept of "education" we find John Dewey (1859-1952), represented in the authoritative branch of the US pedagogy and philosophy, according to him the experiences are not imposed by the teacher, but arise from the natural interests of the students and the task of the educator is to accommodate these interests to develop through their sense of sociality.

Teaching, according to Dewey, must be dictated by a process of continuous evolution, each term should lead to the next, in a steady growth, a free movement. Is there an inherent continuity in educating, or rather there is a series of acts aggregates with each other? Often we are studying on finished topic, targetless. It is not real growth, a step that leads to the next step, but a series of concepts for their own sake, something imposed by teachers. A system of thought that we will be bringing over in the society. Those who teach should understand this: we must develop a
quality mental process , not the right answer. Every great advance in science has come from alternative thoughts, out of the classical canons of the established theories. A farmer plans its harvest in accordance with the surrounding nature, each season can be different depending on the external variables: sun, wind, rain, pests, soil. Must understand and predict, and so should do a teacher, every day, every step, every student is different and this requires a fit for their needs.   
What the teacher suggests is not the result of his choices, but of a superior system that decides which texts adopted, which method developed for the students, even if it is less than desirable. It creates a conflict. As if the an external authorities impose to the farmer to plant potatoes in a most suitable soil for tomatoes, or sow at this time even if it was less suitable for planting.

For this reason, Dewey points out: a good democracy is the one that stimulates and promotes independent
and active thinking . Otherwise, it drift toward a single thought, a single color that looks like an indoctrination. A dictatorship of the majority that does not discuss but should impose its system. The individuality is annihilated to make way for mass, a group that has to make up the numbers, without too many questions. Aristocracy is a form of government in the hands of a few, considered "The top ones", controlling the State on the behalf of the community. The oligarchy is its degenerate form, where those "Top ones" still impose the power but for their personal profit. According to Aristotle: "those few exercise power improperly, or because they do not have the right or they do it in violation of the laws or, finally, as the exercise to favor special interests at the expense of the community." Returning to the present day, and considering, for example, the power of the "democracy" in a referendum, often not respected. Or a policy increasingly mired in corruption, or investing in armaments and not in education, we can refer to the reality around us as still democratic?

If we analyze the complexity of the dominant system we cannot speak of the writer, thinker and activist Rudolf Rocker (1873-1958), an authoritative exponent of anarchist thought.  

This thinking model, today trivially dumbed down as a group of violent that don't want any kind of authority, would deserve a separate article.  
Already in the beginning of his book "Anarcho-Syndicalism" Rocker defines anarchy as the abolition of all the economic monopolies and of all political and social institutions that impose themselves in the society. People often forget that industries not ends in themselves, but should only be a means to secure to every man his natural subsistence, allowing him to advance culturally. An economy without rules begins when the work represent the "whole" and the person  the "nothing". The rhythms of nature are  forced into those monotonous and repetitive assembly line. The huge military expenditures that each government imposes on its citizens together with the war debts, are the price of the supposed protection from the State to the people. Rocker's is dates 1947 but it could  have been written by any opponent of the free market of today. The power of the state, the author continues, is nothing more than a grotesque caricature of the present society.  
Anarchy would like abolish this form of government with its authoritarian principles, like governmental guardian, where under the excuse of forming a more civil and moral man makes him, in reality, a slave, inevitably oppressed and exploited. The role of the people, continues Rocker, is now to ratify the decisions taken in other rooms, to adopt doctrines prepared elsewhere by their "superiors", passively observing the changes of society. The Social Revolution, the formation of a people finally master of his own choices is the ultimate goal. Rocker, as the majority of anarchists, was not a communist. Both communism and fascism were seen as extreme forms of politics, to be avoided.  
Capitalism is also seen by the author, as the desire to subjugated millions of individuals  to a force that pushes governments and empires towards goals that will foster a narrow circle of people. The modern Capitalism is limitless, it can move with cold selfishness to somes and embody the "providence" for others. The technical and scientific skills have progressed considerably, but the mass was not enhanced, rather the opposite.  
To maintain this apparatus many technological advances have served to eliminate the neighbour, creating masses of killers in uniform, where bureaucracies are soulless tyrants, where from the cradle to the grave we are oppressed by police States, where the land is filled with cells and prisons, informers and spies. The growing technology used up against the human personality and the submission to a fate in which the majority surrenders, is the reason why the desire for freedom is less alive today among men, replaced by that of economic security. Anarchism is not the perfect license for all social problems, it is not the utopia of absolute order, does not believe in perfection or in a final goal for the population. Rather an unlimited improvement  of the social order. Anarchism recognizes the relativity of every idea, every institution and every social class. Even freedom is not an abstract philosophical concept, but the vital concrete possibility for every individual to develop his skills and talent which nature has endowed, and to put these gifts for the betterment of society. A society with less interference by governments or religions, and more efficient and harmonious human personality will become for the benefit of the individual and the community.  
It looks like the thoughts of a "Gandhi"  rather than an anarchist, perhaps because our vision of anarchy is distorted.

A precise analysis of the dynamics of the Political Parties and their ultimate goals is presented by Professor Thomas Ferguson (1949-), political scientist, author and journalist of economic and political issues

In his most interesting work "Investment Theory of Party Competition" is analyzed in detail how the Business Elite Establishments influence and direct the choices of political parties not the voters.  
Given to the high costs that are used to drive a political system, hardly unattainable for ordinary voters,   the groups of business  are the ones shaping the policies, where the different political coalitions  represent the investors in the game, not the voters, this is the core of the theory of Ferguson.  
Who gives money to the various parties has its own reasons of investment and therefore control of the State. Investors are divided by their final scope, just as political coalitions: there are the ones to make profits in the  employment sector, those in the capital investment, those for the free market, those who support protectionism, the biggest investor is rarely a union, was the case in the creation of the British Labour Party, for example. Political parties are the arms in the action of the control groups that move in the rear.  
To not upset anyone, after a certain number of years happens, according to Ferguson, a "Realignment" , usually due to some event of public resonance: a violent crisis, a war, a scandal. This sort of "turning point" enables powers to reshuffle the cards, to change the political puppets at the top, in order to give citizens a sense of renewal and justice.  
To earn the trust of the citizens, their votes and then the victory for the Lobby behind the political of the moment, you have to talk about abortion, rights for homosexual, war, so as to ensure the victory of dominant groups, the end justifies the means, and the end is profit and power.

Other influential thinker, writer, political commentator and journalist Walter Lippmann (1889-1974), who first coined the term "Cold War" and winner of two Pulitzer Prizes.  

For Lippmann the figure of the journalist was like a mediator between the groups in power and the people. The latter could not understand the dynamics of the policy, then the journalist acted as a "filter" to simplify these issues for the public. This hierarchical idea clashed with  John Dewey egalitarian vision of the information: the more the news was shared the more you can spread the democracies and the free debate.  
Lippmann, famous for his interview with Khrushchev in 1958 and in 1961, it never bent to sensationalism and towards the tastes of the mass public, but trying to remain separated by them: an observer talking about the facts. His most important book is "Public Opinion" of 1922, where we compare the relationship between the world and its events and the ability of citizens to understand them fully. Lippmann set out to understand and study the influence of the stereotype  and the mechanisms for the formation of this phenomenon. According to Lippmann the social stereotype is a distorted and simplified view of social reality: the stereotype, he adds, is constituted by mental images created to simplify the reality and to make it understandable to the masses.  
Those who know and understand the reality and its events often tend to manipulate them, creating a semblance of that same reality that can be easily assimilated by the people. The authentic aims are  hidden to most. Here propaganda got its best soil to grow, according to Lippmann, propaganda could not exist without some form of censorship, a barrier between the event itself and what is being said and filtered to the public. (To underline Lippmann opposition to the Vietnam War)  
But the blame for this system is not in the censorship itself, but in a sort of resignation, anemia, a lack of hunger by news from public opinion, which would have the means to access a deeper Acquaintances (he says Lippmann in 1922 now with the Internet should be even easier).  
"With a dollar will not even buy a candy, but people pretend to be informed buying newspapers still cheaper."  
The news are editorial choices, seeds sown to the citizens to create some public opinion, says the author. In the modern world where the word "Leader" is often associated with total inadequate persons, Lippmann explains his idea: "The basic evidence  to value a leader is that he leaves after him  other men with the same the conviction and  will to continue his work." The present history is pretty far from the idea that describes Lippmann. Politics is more like a race to the sensationalism, helpful interventions  to gain some votes, without a real desire to embark on a path of progress for all.

Lippmann concludes with a jab to the Democracies, "When all think alike, no one thinks very much."  

One of the most prestigious figures of the twentieth in studies of "international policies" was, without a doubt, Hans Morgenthau (1904-1980), for two times Adviser to the State Departmentunder President Kennedy and under Johnson. His views against the war in Vietnam saw him dismissed from his assignment. His thinking is focused on the relations of power  between Nation, as it develops, what are its consequences and how it is interpreted by the population.  
His most important work, which is considered a pillar in the branch of international politics is titled "Politics Among Nations".

For the scholar the struggle for power is universal in time and space, and this is at an undeniable
empirical level.It's impossible denying that over the centuries, regardless of the economic, social and political condition, the Nations have always met in relation for power.   
International politics, like any kind of politics, is a struggle for power. States' actions cannot consider moral principles.  
His vision is part of the Realistic School  , indeed, according to some he would be the founder. The human nature cannot change, international politics are guided by strict laws and those who do not adapt will suffer the consequences. A Machiavellian vision , very Hobbesian, where humanity is essentially competitive and selfish, his famous phrase "Homo Homini Lupus" - every man is wolf to another man.  
The presents facts can just confirm that this line of thinking. Disagree with Morgenthau means not understanding the world political situation, still believing that those who face proxy wars is doing it in the name of some noble cause. Today as never before we are faced  a indiscriminately struggle for power, a sort of revival of the "cold war" between the USA and Russia, but with new co-stars such as China and Middle Eastern countries. The logic of conquest are dominant on the logic of peace and stability. Are we really still masters of our fate?

To get a more detailed picture of the current situation worldwide, we must consider the shape of  Ha Joon Chang (1963 -), a leading economist and Professor at the University of Cambridge. Chang has been a consultant to the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and Oxfam.  

His thinking is a frontal attack to neoliberalism world, to the policies to reduce or completely cancel the custom tariffs in the developing world countries, and the new arrangements for the free market promoted by the WTO (World Trade Organization). From an article on "Le Monde Diplomatique" in 2003:  
The paradox is that the same countries, now industrialized, that promote the free market, at the time of their economic development, rarely used those rules, which nowadays are impose to the developing countries . This is  the core of Chang idea, who goes into more detail. The England of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries had merely protectionist policies, especially for the production of raw wool, to discourage exports. The same procedure was adopted between 1721 and 1846 with new trade agreements on the "Law of Grain." Protective tariffs, export subsidies, import tariffs on refunds of revenue generated by exports. During that time the  rate of British protectionism was one of the heaviest in Europe. When in 1846 the "Law of Grain" was repealed, England moved toward a free market, to favor the landed aristocracy and initiate a sort of "imperialism of free trade." Trade liberalization has been the cause rather than the result of economic development.  
From this position of global domination,  for the British Empire impose the free market was a natural step. The country had reached the summit of power with protectionism and now throw away the ladder that had helped him in his rise, promoting the free market.  
Always Chang points out that between 1830 and the Second World War the United States has adopted the highest average of protectionist tariffs in the manufacturing sector in the world.  
Only after the end of World War II the US economic policies  turned to the free market. As reported by Chang in his long article, the 18th President of the United States, Ulysses S. Grant, who led the country from 1869 to 1877, one of the main architects of the Unionist victory in the American Civil War, said: "For centuries England has could rely on protectionism, obtaining satisfactory results. there is no doubt that this past system  is the reason for its present strength. now after two centuries of protectionism, the country is adopting the free market, more useful to its current needs. Very well, so will the America do the same within 200 years old, coming from protectionism and promoting free trade." 
For the "positivists" of Neo-liberalism and Globalization who point out  the stunning growth of the last 20 years economies in the world , Chang responds with some numbers: "The world economy is growing more in the 60s and 70s of the last century, about 3%, versus 2% of the last 20 years of  "stunning" budget. considering the growth per capita in the developed countries we are witnessing a decline from 3.2% to 2.2%, the same goes for the developing countries from 3% to 1.5%. numbers that include the dizzying rise of India and China, otherwise these rates would be even more miserable. Neoliberal experiment has failed in its promises of wealth, sacrificing equality and the environment. " 
But how is it possible that this model is still the better promoted economic recipe, supported by the industrialized countries and the world's most influential economic organizations? Chang responds that the "whole" is supported by an economic-political-ideological system that can only be compared with the power that  the Church had in the Middle Ages in Europe.  
The 'influence of the major international bodies such as the World Bank, IMF, WTO, which they exercise over the media (to misinform) and on the political agendas of the USA, the UK and the major industrialized countries, is predominant. Those who work   in the developing world countries, for these organizations has excellent salaries, their silence and their complicity is simply paid a good wage.  
According to Chang the only trade agreements that can achieve good results, are those whose bring together countries with similar levels of development (such as Mercosur), not agreements that force countries economically  different in the same way of market. This is what imposes the WTO, for example, weakening and marginalizing the developing countries, in favor of the powers that are the Multinationals and planetary oligarchies.

Similar ideas also for Robert Pollin (1950-), American economist, co-director of PERI (Political Economy Research Institute). In a 2010 article, "The Wall Street Collapse and Return of Reality-Based Economics", is pointed out that the financial deregulation, encouraged by governments to growth and stability, has produced bad outcomes. The measures, in early 2000, to cancel the "Glass-Steagall", a rule to control and limit the affairs of banks and financial institutions, created after the collapse of the American stock market in '29, along with measures by Clinton administration with the "Financial Service Modernization Act," has actually gave free rein to an uncontrolled market, fruitful seed of the crisis that still stands in the world system. Pollin recalls how the financial crisis of 2007-08 is not isolated fact in the American landscape but rather a peculiar characteristic: the market crisis of 1997, the speculative bubble of the 1999/01, a sort of cyclical crisis that hits the markets and more over the citizens. Certainly not for the big institutions: Goldman Sachs, Citibank, JP Morgan and  few others, always saved by injections of public money from the Federal Reseve Bank (FRB). One of his pupils, Alan Greenspan, who served as President from 1987 to 2006, is the main author of this deregulation wild. There are three important figures in support of Neoliberalism, Robert Lucas, Friedrich Hayek and Milton Friedman, each with its awards and economic degrees. Hayek argued that the socialist economies were doomed to fail because they offered no decision-making power to the people to freely choose and inquire about financial options, but actually limited the radius. His fame grew with the collapse of the Soviet bloc Socialist-1989 The paradox of his thought, according to Pollin and Cassidy (another scholar and author of the book "How Market fails: the logic of economic calamities"), is the utopia that the free market will provide full information to the citizen, that does not explain, for example, in the collapse of the subprime 2006/07, which has seen many taxpayers losing their homes or
savings life. So the information was there, but completely distorted from reality.  
Pollin defines neoliberalism, with all its "axioms" a mere utopia.
In the process of information nothing should be taken for granted. The international mosaic is  artificially mixed up to not get a semblance of truth. Africa chapter  is one of those fundamental pieces to understand how the education system is full of loopholes, as the photograph of a continent has now become an irrefutable axiom. You do not have to understand, but digest that notion

Basil Davidson (1914-2010) was one of the top British expert and scholars of the planet Africa. He contributed with his studies and his documentaries to an image of the continent cleared of stereotypes and false visions. He pointed the finger to an economic system that has reduced Africa in a perpetual emergency.

In his studies (fundamental is "The Black Man's Burden: African and the curse of National-State") Davison shows how this vast territory has always been  under the yoke of the "conquistadores" Europeans. A human and financial colonialism that has never allowed the native people to be masters of their own destiny, but it has always imposed a
"westernized " model of development.

The history of Africa seems to begin with the arrival of the white man, "before" there are no records.

Basically, the model of the "nation-state" has recent origin, can be placed after the French Revolution (1789), when France became the first European Nation. It was taken for granted by the Government to apply this formula also in the process of decolonization of Africa. The proposed alternative as a Federation of States, without tearing off the differences but making them a treasure, were ignored. The idea of ​​the nation, for Davidson, he simply tightened up the wealth for the elite in power, not the prosperity for the community. Africa has great examples of past civilizations that have created wellness for its people, such as the Ashanti Empire in the west of the continent, in the area of the present Ghana. An empire built in the seventeenth century, with its own bureaucracy, a thriving economy, civil rules, elections,
functional transportation , all swept away by the "colonial progress." Or as the Yoruba society, even older, almost a mythical era if compared with the disasters nowadays. There were several movements to fight for the liberation of Mozambique, Guinea Bissau, Angola, all regularly frustrated by the USA and the Soviet Union. The point of no return for the African peoples were summarily decisions, especially by the British, on the creation of boundaries that have torn identity or fueled conflicts up to the present day.  
Davidson concludes on: "Modernizing reforms in West Africa in the late nineteenth century were similar to those implemented by Japan during the same period, the potential for development was essentially no different from the potential created by the Japanese in 1867"

The world is respecting the agreements on the environment?

The war is a faraway memory?

The interests of the strongest Nations are for renewable energy or for the value of a single human life?

How many people live on less than $ 2 per day, why the rich are getting richer, the middle class must act like stunts and the poor are getting poorer?

The work is still  professional
growing or subtle blackmail?

The new millionaires of globalization are sustainable or are not aware of the damage of their businesses?

Each question has its answer, is our common interest to be curious, inquiring, do not leave it to others the right to answer on our behalf. For now the cries of fools are winning, perhaps because who is right remains in a doubtful silence. Resistance always. Ignorance kills more than a gun. Maremmcinghialaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa