Friday, June 7, 2013

Italy, World and the Politician Way of the so call "Progress"

Translating the articles of almost 5 years back makes a strange feeling. The feeling that nothing has been done in this frame of time. A stir of processes, delays, negligence, corruption, social detachment, suicides by unemployment, factory closures (85000 small businesses and commercial less since 2008, and industrial production to -24% from 2008),  heavy cuts to the culture (Italy is lagging behind in Europe by percentage of public spending on culture, with education spending of 8, 5%, compared to 10.9% in EU27),  the thousands of laws to remove some the privileges and cash to this Elite of masters that in 30 years of government have devastated a country that could be beautiful and an example for the world.
At the last elections of local government, electors voted the Mayor of Rome too, there was an invisible political party the one of those that doesn't believe in face or slogans anymore, total distruction, indifference, detachment between the citizen and its referent political: 38%, of those potential electors who didn't vote.
The Video here above isn't directly connected with my Article here, but is a MUST WATCH VIDEO. It s about how the Palm Oil plantations are destroying Indonesia, Malesia, and south east Asia rain forest. Plenty of western brands are involved in this massacre of animals and plants. i found this video magnificently touching and so meaningful. There is no comment, just the painful scream of the Nature. Boycott Palm Oil, save your home.

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29/10/2008 (From Article " Il paese delle Mezze Verità" )

Dictatorship  is rapidly moving from words of the daily facts. Italy represents a perfect synthesis of all the cunning, the nonsenses, and injustices that afflict our planet,  looks like a funnel where everyone gather and amplify the deplorable lies that the media shoots on the people's head. Citizens too distracted by the latest model of mobile phone, by the latest gossip about some celebrity or the score of the  favorite football team. The succession of episodes, that have already turned a problematic Country in one who is falling apart, are so many that I felt the need to do something, to put my information in the service of those who will want to read and possibly pursue these way of be informed. The information is the only and perhaps last weapon that we have to understand what is wrong, to be awake, to fight with the brain and not with the bomb. We are blind without news, everyone can shape our mindset if we don't know about some topic and we still rely on the Media, that is really insane.
An example in practice, according to the PISA (Programme for International Students Assessment) sponsored by the OECD,  the Italian school is largely unable to provide education in line with other EU partners ( /). With a year of school more, the Italian GDP
would mark a permanent growth of 0.5% for every citizen of our country . And yet 10% of our students and able to read a text but do not understand its contents, and to the south the percentage rises to 15%. We are talking about illiteracy modern, one-third of the population has a primary school. According to a survey by the 'Invalsi (National Institute for the evaluation of the system of education and training 46% of Italians can not exceed the basic level of understanding of a passage of prose , over 33 million people ( Always the OECD notes that in our country the meritocracy and 'a mere illusion, we are lagging behind in terms of  incentives for the excellent performance student. And  more, we have a student / teacher ratio among the most' lowest in Europe. And I will stop here not to go on too long. But the state what it does? Cut the number of teachers, cuts the university funding for the researchers, humiliated by a government that marginalizes them.  
What has been done for the illegal immigration? For the nuclear garbage of 30 years ago (30000 square cubes!) Why Competition and instead Cooperation? Why this flow of cement from these Construction Companies, when thousand of edifices are unused across the Nation? Why inequality and riots are the daily people bread? If you talk for your rights and nobody can hear you the only action you can do is scream, if they are abusing your life the only action you have to do is fight....Maremma CINGHIALAAA!


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