Monday, June 3, 2013

From 2008 to 2013 The Global Crisis Spreads around the World

I wrote this article in the mid October 2008, in the top of financial storm, or this is what well payed "expert" told about the markets. After 5 years we can fell stronger the deep bite of the collapse, several country are completely cover by debts, and tax doesn't helps to fill the hole of this disaster. As usual and as history teach us that the citizen have to pay all the cuts, tax, rise of prices, reduction of the welfare, less service, more commitments, big unemployment rates and price food keep rising and if you believe or not all is linked to war, oil, radicalism, it's a big mess for the people, not for the Elite.
This was my second article, but  Maremma Cinghiala was already into the game, with an accurate research across internet, to report, speak up for another side of the story, the one that not everyone will like, after 5 years this the rubbish that we get and is damn smelly. MaremmaCinghiala was aware of all of politician doesn't?

 18/10/2010 (From the italian article "Crisi senza Freni")

The incapacity of the economy and its men may be summed up in the constant reassurance given, in recent months, about the impossibility of the collapse of the global economy, an economy basically strong, slightly sick but  unstoppable in his march to nowhere, with constant reassurance, but contradicted by ongoing financial meltdown, bank failures and speculative bubbles, that have slowly tightened the noose around the neck of unsuspecting greedy investors, proved a flop of vast proportions. The financial system, the brain of the global economy is sick, cause the so called "doctors" are sick , men in suits, young upwardly mobile, the pioneers of "gain without ifs and buts",magicians, to create wealth not real, few benefits and devastation for the rest. Our dinner is already at the dessert I would say we are already 'at the bill ... the showdown of an animal species, the human being who is doing more' damage to this planet that positive actions, estimates of excess, we are on earth for 100,000 years and we managed to pollute our resources, humiliate our population, to destroy what nature has created over millions of years, with a velocity 'and a voraciously' exactly proportional with the thump of this economy of the bluff, cause we're the breed of the bluff, arrogant and overbearing bipedal who believe to be the the masters of these lands ... but as  for the finance shark in recent months, as the world will show us a hyper costly bill  that will pay, maybe, with some investment fund fake ..... Maremma Cinghiala!!


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