Saturday, June 1, 2013

Why Maremma Cinghiala?

This is the first article i translated and the first articles i wrote down the 11.11.2008 the first day of life of MaremmaCinghiala! I didn't change too much and it's very simple, just erase the old name like "Bush", some italian politician names as well, but the facts are there, the same. It's a stage where if you replace Mr Bush with Mr Obama nothing much gonna change, you cancel the riots with violent police reaction in NY and replace with the one  now blowing up in Istanbul, different people but same menu every day. Bad Government are everywhere, for everyone, how to deal with that?!


After a week like the one just passed, where in the labor world people commit suicide cause jobless , while our loyal politicians were busy in their TV appearances, reassuring those who had already lost everything. After an Italian prime minister, voted by nobody, just suddenly bloomed in the Politic Arena, but May i ask again? Who voted for him? Where was is name and surname in that bloody electoral sheet, after Berlusconi still there, still talking, with the justice busy trying to catch him, the "God Father of the Dummy" ,while Guantanamo is still open, and Obama not shame at all, where things change if you are a Muslim born in Saudi Arabia or one born in Iraq, stick and carrot, bomb or Dollar? Freedom or a Golf Club? Where technology kills without faces and consciousness, where who speaks to save the world from terrorist is  the terrorist number 1 himself , after the Minetti's new bikini and same garbage every day , after the friends turn into enemies, enemies turn into terrorist, justice turn into useless trinket, after all this, we realize that this is our reality, false as a tuft of hair Berlusconi, while an invisible gas called "Dictatorship" expands everywhere ..... after all this a single comment spontaneously come our from my mouth ..... Maremma CINGHIALAAAAAA .... people meditate meditate ... .......


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