Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Sunni vs Shiite, Dollars and Koran. The permanent war in the Middle East

 "Divide and Conquer" (Divide and Command) never before now this motto by the Roman Empire is appropriate for what is going on in the Middle East. A series of events that engulfed a "distracted" public opinion  who is  hurried to synthesize the following thought: Islam equals terrorism and fundamentalism. Going beyond this wall of stereotypes means unravel the thread of a tangled skein, it means beginning to understand who are the real protagonist of this "total war" where the role of the victims and the executioners change almost daily.The first step to understand the Middle Eastern situation is to start to outline this immense community of ethnic groups, factions and etnicity with the necessary distinctions.The currents in Islam are mainly two: Sunnis and Shiites, the first include about 90% of the entire Islamic world (Jordan, Saudi Arabia, across North Africa, the Iraq of Saddam Hussein or Gaddafi's Libya), while Shiites occupy a more modest 10%, in absolute majority in Iran, predominant in Iraq, Bahrain and Azerbaijan, there is also a large presence of Shiite in Lebanon (Hizb Allah, the Party of God) in Kuwait and Yemen (Zayditi). The division of these two factions takes place after the death of Muhammad in 632 AD. It poses the problem of succession at the head of the community: a part of believers recognize  in Ali (cousin and son in law of Muhammad) the designated successor, but the majority of the community believed that there had not been any designation by Muhammad and that it was up to the community to elect the "first caliph." The first were called "Shiite" who recognized the leadership of the Islamic community only in the descendants of Muhammad, providing total power both spiritual and temporal to the Imam, he is appointed by the same Prophet and Imam  that had preceded him. Differently for the "Sunnis"  any good morality Muslim  can access to lead the community, they consider the successor to the Prophet Caliph, regarded as the guardian of the Shariah, which has the temporal power but not the spiritual, if we want the Sunni faction it has roots more egalitarian and democratic, even if only in theory. 
The Saudis  bombings  (with the support of a coalition of Morocco, Sudan, Egypt and Turkey) in Yemen, however illegal, (since that they have not received any kind of approval from the UN Security Council) are an effort to protect the interests of the House of Saud in Yemen, one of the poorest states in the Middle East and the world and to protect the religious balance in the area. The Houti, the Yemeni rebels / Shiites, seeking to control the country, after the escape of its president Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi, recognized by the international community and from Saudi Arabia. The forces maneuvering the battles are Iran on the Shi'ite side and Saudi Arabia for Sunni of the President Hadi, now a refugee in Riyadh what a case. But there is of course the frontline of Al Qaeda, located in southern Yemen and pushing to take over some oil well strategically important. The southern part of the country overlooks the Strait of Bab al Mandab, between Somalia and Yemen, where  four million of barrels of oil pass everyday. Leave this area on jihadist control means jeopardizing the oil trade between Arabia and the rest of the world, whereas the other possible commercial passage is the Persian Gulf which is under direct control of Iran.The Saudi influence in the Middle East is huge, in terms of energy the country covers 14% of worldwide demand for black gold, the latest estimates recorded more than 10 million barrels a day. Geopolitics, religion and energy sources: the Saudi strategy of destabilizing the Shiite Middle East  is clear: To fund Jihadist groups like Al Qaeda or ISIS, with arms and men to support the anti-Assad rebels in Syria, which happens to see among them members of the Black Caliphate, while at home they try to fight Al Qaeda and brothers. A key point to understand is the creed that is practiced in Saudi Arabia: Wahhabism, "an extraordinarily serious ideological threat, a totalitarian movement masquerading as a religion," according to former CIA Director James Woolsey. Orthodox and ultra-conservative movement, who interpret in a very rigid the Koran, the Wahhabis believe that all those who do not practice Islam in the manner indicated by them are heathens and enemies to fight. Ideology that has spread many Wahhabi mosques and schools across many Arab countries, ideal breeding ground for fundamentalism and hooded extremist . The attempt is to establish a stronghold of Sunni resistance to the Iranian Shiite borders. Ryad combines support for jihadism beyond its borders to counter the Shia power  (Iran), and the fight against the internal jihadism  that threat  the kingdom of Saud. A schizophrenic position since the distance between the doctrinal official Saudi Wahhabism and Salafism claimed by jihadist ISIS is reduced almost zero.We are talking about a state that has iron ties with the United States, which is protected by International Community despite the total lack of freedom for women and the systematic repression of any civil law. How can we forget, for that matter, 15 out of  19 attackers of 9/11 were Saudis. A destabilizing and dangerous policy that has cost the lives of many civilians in the north of Iraq, when the black troops of the Islamic Caliphate conquered Mosul and Kirkuk. All thanks to a rain of dollars from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, also confirmed by the statement of Richard Dearlove, head of British Intelligence M16, from 1999 to 2004. A system that has fueled the movement anti-Assad in Syria and anti Maliki in Iraq, to ​​the delight of jihadists supplied with weapons and dollars, with the approval of the West deliberately distracted on the real instigators of this disaster that is tearing apart the Arab world. "Kuwait is the epicenter of the financing of terrorist groups in Syria, while Qatar is its hinterland through a habitat permissive allowing terrorists to feed", so reports David Cohen, an official of the American administration. US tries not to get too hooked into this mess, especially for the recent agreements, all to be confirmed, with Iran, enemy number one of the Saudi kingdom. Of course the US involvement is not just a rumors but a fact: military hardware, bombs, aerial refueling, logistics, a fundamental support especially in the recent bombing in Yemen. John Kerry makes a big voice with Iran declaring unacceptable the supplies that the country provides to the Houthi rebels in Yemen. But the British Secretary of Foreign Affairs, Philip Hammond, called "exaggerated allegations of Iranian aid to the Yemeni rebels." There is more an economic and oil support, the Houthis have enough weapons and do not need the Iranian market. Once again the considerations are based on real data: the US are from 24 years in the Middle East, to be precise with the Iraq's invasion on 1991, the war against Saddam, the revolts of the rebels, the birth of ISIS, the collapse of Afghanistan, Libya, Egypt, Syria, the Palestinian question still in chaos, attacks in Tunisia, and once again the only solution is a military one. Billions of dollars and thousands of lives summarize drastically the total failure of US foreign policy, sometimes exclusively to conserve energy, to fuel the war industry, to redraw the borders and demarcate sectarian divisions, countering new and "old" world adversaries such as China and Russia. Despite these efforts, the breakthrough to the east from the Arab countries seems very strong: China is the third largest importer of oil from Saudi Arabia, 10% of Dubai's population is Chinese, also Qatar is increasing its business with Beijing in the sales of Gas. In this immense chess game, in this complex political picture, every move involves many decisions that eventually affect all players. Israel also has its role of lender of the rebels (ISIS) in Syria, to have more than one point in common with Saudi Arabia in destabilizing the Shiite communities, to control the Strait of Mandeb already mentioned above. The strange Couple Israeli-Arabia has very precise plans to stop the enemy Shiite Iran, what, according to Netanyahu himself, would clear his country and that is extremely dangerous for its nuclear arsenal. There are already plans  for an Israeli attack, with support of Rihad, against Iran.Yet enough to read more than one authoritative source on nuclear power to conclude that  is more dangerous Israel and its number of warheads which is a international secret  (probably a hundred), Iran does not even have the machines suitable for enrich uranium for military purposes. Israel is busy in its campaign for the " Middle East victim" forgets to communicate to the public the movement of its 3 nuclear submarines (purchased from Germany) off the coast of Iranian as reported by the "Sunday Times", a way to sharpen tensions in the Gulf, continuing to play the part of the country with the dove on his shoulder and a gun in his pocket. It is evident the total disinformation of the Media for a war zone that is on the headnews only when some Western hostage or Christian is eliminated or if the American empire allow  their means of propaganda in an attempt to mask a situation out of control. There is no mention of the ongoing military exercises with the participation of several Arab countries under the auspices of the United States. Here catapult in the fifth edition of the "Eager Lion" war games, with the kind hospitality of Jordan and with partecipants like Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UAE, Lebanon and Iraq supported by the US, Britain, France, Italy, Canada , Belgium, Poland, Australia and Pakistan. All committed from the 5th to 19th May in practices for combating terrorism, throwing bombs in the desert and so on, even Jordan itself has shown the will to protect themselves from militants ISIS pressing at its borders. A sort of "get ready for the worst," the war that spreads like a virus, to the neighboring country in the neighboring country is more than a feeling. The American steamroller increased the pace dragging in prehistory entire nations. Libya was one of highest for GDP per capita and life expectancy among all African countries, with free education and health care. Gaddafi was considered a reliable partner, before the US / NATO might be revealed once again their true plans: to cripple a country and then rebuild it in his own image and likeness, at least economic. The Libyan leader did not line up with the energy policies imposed by the US and allies, he supported the "NAM" movement of non-aligned countries to the third world. The Arab Spring so acclaimed by the press and television as the beginning of a new phase of freedom and rights for Islamic countries, it is, in fact, proved to be fertile ground for warmongers and petrodollars. Pipeline projects shape the Middle East policies, they elect or overthrow the puppet on duty, all in a galaxy of total lawlessness that view from the land of trivial information seems a bright star. Laws and rules sink into the Middle East quagmire. Just a few days ago, "Human Rights Watch" has accused Saudi Arabia of using the infamous "cluster bombs" during its bombing in Yemen. (Prohibited by the UN Convention and banned by 116 States). In just six months 1,200 civilians died and more than 300,000 do not have a home anymore. More than 30 schools have been torn down by the Saudi missiles. Riyadh a few days ago hosted the visit of US Secretary of State John Kerry, who also had the guts to recommend attention and precautions in the bombing in Yemen, no matter if the majority of those deadly weapons and prohibited in many countries are sold  by the United States. A total war that changes name just for a matter of geography: Libya, Somalia, Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, the same script, they use the  local stage for global interests. The chaos is the key aspect to remain permanently in the Middle East by funding sectarian groups and jiihadisti, bombing hospitals, schools and aqueducts, making every country in ruins to be shared with other allies bent to the Washington will. Quran and oil, comfortable fundamentalism  and rivers of dollars, local puppet with long strands up to Washington or Tel Aviv, Moscow and Riyadh where the real instigators move the checkers. After 24 years the Middle East has become a gunpowder keg, a hooded extremists factory , an immense refugee camp, a place of death, hatred and despair. While newspapers produce stereotypes for the masses in need of easy answers and often racist ...... and rubble cover the truth. maremmacinghialaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


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