Monday, March 2, 2015

US Empire: Secret War and Torture Across the Globe

The recent report by the US Senate on the CIA torture that  has commited in the past decade of fighting terrorism has shocked only those who still believe in fairy tales served by the majority of newspapers and TV. Information without historical memory, which deliberately ignore the very foundations of Geopolitics, the plot, the coup d'etat, such as the attacks or "plane crashes" too hastily stored despite numerous questions unanswered, questions from those who reject the official versions of the facts because obviously incomplete and deficient.Documents from the past, the last century show us the US involvement in numerous Coups in Central and South American, the fiasco of the Vietnam War, the funding to the Afghan rebels, later became Al Qaeda. How to trust and accept for good the nowadays campaigns in the Middle East? Are we in the presence of a collective redemption by an administration, the American one, which continues to outperform competitors in military spending? Humanitarian aid is the last thought but the first excuse of an Empire that just wants to control the world and its resources. Obviously other superpowers are not acting like bit player, are in the same geopolitical chessboard. We must start from the axiom that war springs from the lie, the war is only a huge game for power and money.Amnesty International has always been on the side of human rights and against all forms of abuse. They has been clamoring that European countries denounce the interference of the CIA and torture perpetrated in their countries. Who knows  must reveal the names, because these crimes do not go unpunished. Julia Hall, an expert on terrorism and human rights is even more explicit: "Without the help of the European the United States would not be able to secret detentions and torture for so many years." (Have you read or heard on TV this news ?!)Amnesty points out how in the substantial US Senate report are indicated alleged secret places of detention illegal in Poland, Lithuania, Romania. All this with the logistical support of Germany, United Kingdom, Macedonia, for a turnover of several million dollars.The confirmation comes also from the Pulitzer Prize and journalist of the "New York Times" Mark Mazzetti and his book "Killing Machine", which tells the metamorphosis of the CIA, especially after the attacks of September 11 in the US. The CIA activities is mixed with that of the Pentagon in a concert military-intelligence complex shaping a new American way of war.Nick Turse, investigative journalist and contributor to the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times reports that the US Special Forces (SOF) are present in an unimaginable number of countries, often in disguise. 133 for the accuracy, 70% of Nations of the planet. The confirmation comes from Lieutenant Colonel Robert Bockholt, official SOCOM (US Special Operations Command). The best of the best of the American special forces engaged in operations  from training of local soldiers to true and proper "captures and eliminates" perceived enemies / terrorists. All these tasks are not followed by the traditional media, then the channels of information come from the press military, tip off from the White House, or former soldiers or officials in the mood for revelations.The new General of SOCOM (United States Special Operations Command), the US command in charge of special operations, is Joseph Votel III, a graduate of West Point and Army Ranger. This command has seen duplicate its officers since 2001, 33.000 against 70.000 today.Nick Turse takes us on a journey into the very detailed structure of this Military Organization.The lion's share of the SOCOM belong to the Rangers and the Green Berets followed by the Air Force, the Navy (the SEALs), other special units and a small group of Marines. This command of SOCOM has numerous sub departments in the planet: the SOCAFRICA, the SOCEUR (European contingent), the SOCKOR (only for Korea), the SOCPAC covering the rest of the regions of Asia and the Pacific, the SOCSOUTH, specific Caribbean, Central America and South America, the SOCCENT for the Middle East, the SOCNORTH, specifically for the defense of American soil, the JOSc, an elite special forces to eliminate terrorist cells in any part of the planet. "The murderers secrets Obama" as defined them Naomi Wolf in an article on "The Guardian", who continues: "A special group out of any law and immune from any martial law." To understand this group is the same that have "cleared" the enemy of the moment Ranked # 1 Osama Bin Laden."The purpose is to create a sort of international military cooperation, with an interchange between the different special forces of each Country." Turse continues. These "special operations interchange" (called Solos) are already present in 14 Embassies of many allied countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, El Salvador, France, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Kenya, Poland, Peru, Turkey and the United Kingdom. The goal is to expand these "partnerships" to 40 countries by 2019. The abbreviation JSOTF-P, for example, is part of the support that the US military with its special forces provide in the Philippines, to defeat alleged jihadist cells. About 600 officials and US military in support of local militias. On the other hand there is also a ten-year agreement signed between the United States and the Philippines that allows the first to use military bases on the spot for their Jet war in order to counterbalance the risks of China, is not a movie but reality. Another Special Unit is now banned, which was to support and protect the sovereignty of the Afghan government (Joint Special Operations Task Force-Afghanistan), with night operations, catch and even killings of civilians. Only in 2014, after ten years of denies, the Pentagon has admitted the existence of this special group. 
In addition to this already large deployment of forces more or less official across the globe, there is also a group called "Special Operations Command Forward" (SOC FWD) in which small groups of soldiers carry out actions to support  special combat situations . The SOCOM refused to confirm the presence of this latest assault units. But there are already numerous articles and documents that prove the existence of these groups of soldiers: Pakistan, Yemen, Lebanon, SOC FWD East Africa, Central Africa and SOC SOC FWD FWD West Africa. A recent example of exercises and intrusions in the various African governments, is the last coup d'etat in Burkina Faso: the African Chef Isaac Zida, author of the overthrow of the government, had received in 2012 a course of counterterrorism in Florida, as reported by the " Washington Post ". Tutorials Americans in Trinidad and Tobago, Suriname, Green Berets who teach armies Dominicans. Last September 1200 US soldiers have participated with special Dutch, Polish, Czech, Lithuanian, Finnish, British, Norwegians and Sweden forces  in exercises with close combat, assaults night, rescues hostages, snipers and so on."I can assure you that what happens in Latin America affects west Africa which in its turn affects Southern Europe which consequently affects the Southeast Asia, everything is connected." This statement of Admiral William McRaven American former commander of SOCOM and JSOC, made at a meeting of the sector in 2013. But between scandals and torture, Coups d'etat and meddling in the sovereignty of various Nations, huge budget for military spending, wars never won but rather exploded like a virus out of control, the taxpayer does not have the right to know that these operations in fact affect freedom and future.In 2001, according to Turse, there were 23 Terroristic Groups: from  Hamas to IRA, as cataloged by the US State Department. The members of Al Qaeda was not more than 1000 mainly in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Today, after more than a decade of secret wars, sophisticated security systems, and billions of dollars squandered, Terrorist Groups are almost 40, many stepsons of Al Qaeda, spread from Yemen to Nigeria, Mali, Tunisia, Morocco, the Somalia, Lebanon, not counting the ISIS 30000 and its affiliates. Affairs for the American special forces is booming, the face of global terrorism.In Italy alone the US military has invested more than two billion dollars by the end of the cold war, turning the country into a strategic / logistics platform  for the various war in the middle east. Military bases, commercial agreements, tutorials, accommodation, weapons, 15% of US forces in Europe reside in Italy with over 50 bases located in the Alps to Sicily. (Article published in La Stampa)This type of information falls into that category called "awkward" because it could cause the citizen to think that we are a colony of the United States, that although the Constitution we are directly involved in wars and massacres of civilians in the half of the world, that the Government always folds more often to Washington's demands under the risk/pressure to lose trade agreements and contracts in the Middle East. Despite the economic crisis and social depression that crosses the Italian economy and the west in general, the money for military spending are always guaranteed and indeed increase (for the year 2015 are provided almost 18 billion) for new aircraft to defend ourselves from terrorists that precisely the United States go to hunt incognito among the world or perhaps I should say that the first train them and then fight them and possibly torture them, as history continues to teach us if there were organs of misinformation that tell us anything but the uncomfortable truths .... maremmaaaaa cinghialaaaaaaaaaaaa


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