Friday, March 28, 2014

Russia vs US, Ukraine vs Crimea, Geopolitics vd Disinformation: 10 points to understand the Problem

This short article scope is to make things clear, or at least try , on the facts whose are happening in Ukraine and Crimea where we can see the United States and Europe in one hand and the Russia with his czars Vladimir Putin in the other. As always there is a version for the printed paper that talks about revolution, rights violated , sovereignty, illegal referendum and abuse of power and the other geopolitics version  that shows what are the real interests and contradictions that always happen on the planet .We rely on authoritative sources as independent journalists like Pepe Escobar and Paul Jay. Nicolai Petro, a professor at the University of Rhode Island, specializing in Russian affairs , a former employee of the U.S. Department under President Bush. Tarik Cyril Amar , a professor at Columbia University , specializing in the modern history of Ukraine and Russia , a graduate of Princeton University. Scott Rickard , a former U.S. intelligence official .
 1 ) The Crimea was " donated " by the Russian President Khrushchev in 1954 to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the union between the two countries. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, Crimea became part of Ukraine, a solution opposed by much of the local population with of Russian origin, cause of tensions between Russia and Ukraine. 

2 ) The Crimea is home of the base of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol, where the influence of the Ukrainian never arrived. 60% of its population is Russian .

3 ) The riots that erupted in Ukraine obviously have a base of discontent but took advantage of a
substantial " push"  by the United States, which has been funded with at least $ 5 billion in the past years towards various opposition groups. We talk about the National Endowment for Democracy, a non-profit Us association to promote democracy around the world , some of the members are neocon , supporters of the Reagan doctrine as Fukuyama. This group has supported the uprisings in Georgia and the Orange Revolution Ukraine. Injections of "democracies" in groups more or less connected with the democratic uprisings and Molotov cocktails . These data are public, viewable by anyone on wikipedia .

 4 ) The current Ukrainian government has dismissed Yanukovych to power, the current Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk got in his government team members of the party All- Ukrainian Union " Svoboda ", a group of extreme right-wing politician , anti-communist, neo-Nazi . Include as many as 8 ministers coming to this party, even Oleksandr Sych holds the position of Deputy Prime Minister.

5 ) So considering the step 4 and step 5 , it can be said that the "help" from Washington to topple Yanukovych, have fomented riots and clashes with dozens of casualties on the roads and a government with a coalition of neo-Nazis . We put the arrow to the far right wing .

6) According to the Constitution of Ukraine the referendum held the 16th March was actually illegal , because it was in the case include all Ukrainian citizens and not just those of the Crimea, but the Constitution also states that the new government came to power is illegitimate because it did not followed the procedure required by regular elections.

 7) The U.S. and Europe declared the secession of the Crimea as an illegal act which violates international law , forgetting the previous one between Serbia and Kosovo . For the analyst Vladimir Brüter"The decision of the Court of Justice in The Hague on Kosovo is fragmentary . From the point of view of international law can not exist an order of creation of new states , not least because in the Charters of the United Nations do not make any reference to how they should be adjusted the boundaries of the states and how they can begin or cease to exist . It 's just common sense. the West recognizes Kosovo to Serbia and promising various benefits in exchange for his recognition , he tries to justify the fait accompli , but there is no de jure solutions at the moment ".

8 ) On 22 July 2010, the Hague Court had stated that the unilateral proclamation of independence of Kosovo " not illegal " and "does not violate international law ."

9) Western Media have called " invasion" the entry of 16,000 Russian soldiers in the Crimea in early March . In 1997, had been signed a treaty of partition between former USSR , Russia and Ukraine that allows the Russians to deploy 25,000 men in the Crimea until 2042 . Russia received 81.7 % of the ships in the fleet after the Ukrainian government paid $ 526.5 million. Moscow pays annually $ 97,750,000 in Kiev for the right to use the waters of Ukraine and radio frequencies, and to offset the environmental impact of the Black Sea Fleet.

10) The U.S. discussion about the Russian intervention in Ukraine as an
International Abuse on the sovereignty of the country would not even commented . From that pulpit and with that courage is the sermon. It would not help to remember the coup in South America or in ' Iraq, ' Afghanistan , Libya , Somalia , Syria, on military bases around the world, 130 just in Italy, I could go on until the end of the month.These ten points because we are not Putin supporters, who between human rights, murder suspects , Chechnya, abuse of power, is not missing anything done in recent decades . But the right to inform in a linear matter comes first , and the hypocrisy and lies that we have read  from about 99% of the media these days are the most vicious misinformation in his features .There is no consistency , impartiality, suddenly you erase the historical memory , doing good with boxing gloves hitting the ignorance of the masses who still believe in fairy tales of the good and the bad .This is simple geopolitical power plays and strategies for control of a key area of the planet, the rest are just words for chickens ..... maremmacinghialaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


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