Saturday, March 15, 2014

2014 Odyssey Italy. The Great "Swindle"

In an article dated April 25 of 2009, entitled " Italian Unethical Country " published on the Maremma Cinghiala we were going through the grotesque and unreal situation  that covered up the Nation, as a kind of fog getting thicker, where figure out something day after day became a firm impossible.After 5 years we still find the same lack of love and the same accustomization to the stench of a people more and more tired. The hope has become a kind of morphine which mitigate years of scandals, of broken promises, of fraud, of collapse, of abuse, of delays, anger, issues on which no one seems to have a minimal response. Some still rise up, there are still struggles , protests, strikes and someone still tries to use the weapon of information to shake this inertia to nowhere , but data in hand , there are still too few who have take off their tame mask on the "everything" and are trying to take back their lives. In 2009 absolute poverty was  involving 2 million and a half of people, now it has reached 4 million in just five years. The politics instead of taking concrete action plays with the seats in Parliament, make agreements with Berlusconi and all his godchildren who still sit in Parliament , speaks Italian kind of bar or stadium slang, with some words in English to be more international, but what is really "international" is the dependence on economic, financial and military sectors, while the social is lost in the depths of a crisis that forces to "austerity and rigor" , always for the same people , always the weakest. People hopes , almost defends those powers and the system that has reduced them so, who has turned a country into a perpetual emergency : from the archaeological  collapse to the hydrologic risks, from Prime Ministers elected without regular elections to continue by a election law held unconstitutional that has infact made ​​ "illegal" the Parliament itself and all that mass of characters that have no shame to speak on the behalf of the Italian people. 
Sad political programs, atrophied on poor content that resonate from the right to left wing, slogans, advertising for the citizens who do not want to know any more , locked up in the run-up to work without a choice, a daily dose in order to survive, while the quality of life is stuff for sci-fi movies. 5 years ago we were spending tens of millions of euro for a fashion that never dies, the war, to bawl at the peace, with mountains of weapons ready to wreak havoc on other peoples and nations. The U.S. leads this special ranking with 682 billion dollars, the sum of the following 11 states combined, China, Russia , UK, Japan, France , Saudi Arabia, India, Germany, Italy , Brazil, South Korea, does not reach the same amount of the total Us expenses, but please do not call it empire, what else? Italy was 5 years ago and it is still among the first ten countries for military spending with $ 34 billion , 1.7% of the GDP. The campaign " Sbilanciamoci " (non-profit association that since 1999 brings together economists, researchers, journalists, students , social workers , trade unionists , and a network of associations, organizations, movements, analyze and propose alternative visions economic / social ) calculated that the cost of one F35 airstrike, 135 million of euro, could pay the wages of 5,400 assistant professor for a year, to secure 135 schools , put on rail 21 regional trains. The priorities are the economic and financial interests not the citizens, and as long as there will not be a moral and cultural revolution from the ground, these masters will continue to pull the strings of life for millions of people. The Italians are not surprising anymore if for any public work there is the relative delay, if the costs magically doubled, if it is the practice that some constructor is investigated . The case of  L'Aquila is a prime example : the words of the anti-Mafia attorney  Olga Capasso:" In the first two years that followed the earthquake that struck April 6, 2009 L ' Aquila, there was almost a stagecoach to arrive at grab the most lucrative contracts by the Camorra , the 'Ndrangheta and Cosa Nostra ( particularly that of Gela ). " The judiciary has a few months ago placed under arrest  the deputy mayor of L'Aquila, investigating the former councilors and civil servants of L'Aquila held accountable in different ways along with entrepreneurs, technicians and fixers , of influence peddling , bribery , forgery material and ideological misappropriation of contracts related to the post- earthquake of 6 April 2009. But even the famous C.A.S.E. teleshopping style promoted by the media proved to be a partial failure. The quality of the construction materials is variable. Many buildings have problems with the electrical system , the sanitary and heating. A Pagliare Sassa town, a building was on fire for a short circuit. It had been built with flammable materials. According to the public attorneyship of L'Aquila, two hundred seismic isolators are defective . Tested by a laboratory in San Diego, California , insulators produced by the " Seaweed Spa " have failed the tests. Before being used in the construction , were tested in the laboratory " Eucentre " of Pavia . The President of " Eucentre " was Gian Michele Calvi, who also held the post of project manager Homes for Civil Protection . A classic case of controlled - controller and conflict of interest . " Calvi was sentenced at first instance to six years , in the process " Significant Risks " , and it is right in the accused process that concerns the seismic isolators ( From Article L'Aquila the New Town built with the money of Europe ).This is not to criticize regardless of a social system rather than a political apparatus. Here we inform using facts, data , interviews, statements, a range of reliable sources to highlight what the national and international press " forgets" to publish. The journalism of a tiny blog or newspaper having national circulation should be the " watchdog" of the power, a critical and objective voice to a world , the political/economic/financial, which by its own nature tends to deviate more towards personal interests and patronage, for self-promotion, as history teaches, history is filled with politician who lost themselves during the years on the leadership, who dragged entire generation in ignorance, war , selfishness , passivity, in a misery more moral than material, so perhaps more serious. A criminal and grotesque policy dragged a splendid country into what Italy is in 2014. The same policy that now promises the "renewal" and "progress", why we should  believe in a system that has repeatedly failed for 30 years? The same system that is almost allergic to criticism, which uses the journalist as support for the microphone , which showing off almost annoyed if people protest because exasperated . This would be the "renovation"?! Citizens should stop hoping and start taking an active part in social life : writing , questioning, doing satire , criticizing what the system promise, because it is a Democrat "must" and is even more nowadays after decades of lies and corruption. We must pursue the well-being of our country and try to spread it like a virus, we need to avoid confusing it with the ideologies and cheer politics as at the stadium. Justice. Progress and freedom are not the daughters of any ideology and they do not need any ideology and neither politics . They exist if there is unselfish participation, the cooperation, desire to leave something good for future generations , for the future of a nation and a world where we are just passing through ..... maremmacinghialaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


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