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Who controls the Climate? HAARP, Chemical Trails, Driven Hurricanes

Ben Livingston is a veteran in the field of meteorology:   U.S. Navy former physicist  and Advisor under U.S. President Lyndon Johnson on the techniques of manipulation weather during the Vietnam War . On more than one occasion, the former scientist has confirmed that during that war there were already methods to control the typhoons, and is already used "seed" the clouds to extend the life of the monsoon , thereby making it difficult for troops move with Vietnamese food and soldiers. It was the "Project Popeye " ( 1967-1972 ), documented on wikipedia here , where they watered the clouds with Silver Iodide , considered by experts " much less toxic than other heavy metals ." But " less toxic " is a rough description that does not give any kind of insurance on its real toxicity.

According to Livingston, already more than 40 years ago, they found a way to change the climate. The scientist has led documented evidences on the operation "Storm Fury " at the end of the 60s , confirming a complete ability to control and block the hurricanes by United States. For this Livingston accuses his government of failure to act in any way the advances of  Katrina, a few years ago, but giving her free reign to devastation and make casualties, obviously for economic and 
politician reasons  .Officially the project "Storm Fury " has failed in 1983 , twenty years that has seen scientists search for the right chemistry with a lot of federal funds spent in these studies.Yet in some passages of the project on the control of typhoons , it appears that a number of experiments conducted on several typhoons in those years had reduced their strength of 15% - 20 % , despite the outcomes, the project is considered as a fiasco. 

Rosalie Bertel was a physicist and epidemiologist with nine honorary degrees and numerous awards, including the Alternative Nobel Prize ( Right Livelihood Award) is awarded every year in Stockholm a few days before the Nobel Prize , best known for his work on " Ion Radiation " . This is an excerpt from one of his latest work : "The army is, at least, 50 years ahead, and never uses the same weapons in a new war . And this new secret war has already begun and has not been declared and recognized by people all over the world, we are already living together and dying ...It can be seen in a climate change that has little to do with the greenhouse gas CO2, or in the new alleged "civil geo-engineering " , behind which are the army and the money of the Companies;climate wars,  or "chemtrails" , in plasma weapons , on the stable increased of the number and size of presumed natural disasters, and on the dissolution of the Arctic area, from the '70s under the use of very low frequency waves ELF -EM ; must be seen in the Ozone holes , as products of more than 2000 nuclear tests that were launched against this planet , missiles and supersonic flight that left "holes" in the sky, and the " ionospheric heater " - this has caused holes that let in our atmosphere the cosmic rays  , which are harmful to life on earth, it must be seen in the scarce harvest and death of plants, such as the desertification of more and more regions, must be seen in the weakening of the Van Allen belt , the magnetic fields around the earth ...! "The Bertel exposes how the military, for decades, are secretly conducting experiments , including high-level nuclear explosions that could disrupt the vital layers of the atmosphere that protects us from deadly radiation of the sun. According to the scientist, these experiments are often conducted without even discuss with experts about the risks of non-military damage these stratum that protect the life on earth . Such experiments may already have accelerated Global Warming ! In her studies, there is a miscellany of atrocities and climate experiments to leavestunned even the most imaginative Hollywood filmmaker : 480 million copper needles, who were launched in the ionosphere, by the United States , to improve communications , and fight the enemy Russian ,is called project West Ford ,can be found on wikipedia here.
According with Rosalie Bertel this unusual and , above all, unnatural operation , may have disrupted the normal electromagnetic field of the Earth. Then the scientist talks about HAARP, a multimillion-dollar "civil" installation, hidden in Alaska, which is apparently intended to "Modify the performance of communication systems and surveillance ." It looks seemingly innocent , until it is explained that this grid of 180 transmission towers is funded by the military as part of the defensive network called " Star Wars ." On the website of HAARP you can find this kind of description: " we study the ionosphere , with particular emphasis on understanding and improving the techniques of communication and safeguard both civilian and military ." The finale is very ambiguous and lefts itself to multiple interpretations.Bertell suggests that the power of the transmitters is so massive that it could be dangerous to live nearby . She cites a statement of ' " U.S. Federal Environmental Impact ", which states that HAARP can raise your internal body temperature of nearby people ... ( and ) detonate aerial munitions , interfere with aircraft communications and flight commands . Still, for the scientist the main goal of HAARP is to heat sections of the ionosphere ( upper atmosphere between 85 and 600 km altitude ) until a bulge to form a ' curve lens '  to reflects " the enormous energy beam of HAARP to Earth to destroy selected targets , as, well, create earthquakes.Bertell says that HAARP is not the only one. But a sequence of military installations of extraordinary power and potentially interactive each others, which use various types of fields and electromagnetic wavelengths , each with a different capacity to affect  the earth somewhere or its atmosphere. For example , an installation in Alaska will have a magnetic field more than 60,000 times higher than the earth itself. There are similar structures in Russia to Vasilsursk , called Sura Ionospheric Heating Facility . ELP as well as two stations in Puerto Rico and Norway.The ELP , this extensive and mysterious system can also generate low-frequency radio waves ( Extremely Low Frequency waves), used in the past by U.S. submarines and Russians , to communicate with each other once immersed. In 1984, a federal judge halted the construction of some of these facilities, claiming for further environmental studies on health . This judgment was overruled by the Appeals Court on the base that the U.S. Navy  have already spent more than $ 25 million to study the effects of electromagnetic fields, deducing that the effects are similar to those of distribution lines of electric current. This judgment was not universally followed accepted. Later the International Agency on Research on Cancer ( IARC, a branch of the World Health Organization ) has determined, after careful research that the carcinogenic effects due dall'ELP is very low ( in the same category of coffee, exhausted motor oil ) . It should , however, be remembered that among the IARC funders includes the European Commission, The American Institute on Health , the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation , lots of money and interests that run.  
I often wonder : "These health institutions who live and proliferate with billions of dollars every year to fight cancer , really want to eradicate these diseases , or perhaps keep the research longer, to earn and be enriched with small and slow progress , without ever finding a 100% vaccine? 

According with Scott Stevens, a famous American meteorologist with a twenty-year career experience, the connection between pollution and climatechanges is directly connected. The high rate of alkalinity in the soil that threatens millions of farmer around the globe, not to mention the depletion of vegetables and fruits in terms of nutrients . The fluoridation of drinking water , chemicals ( barium , aluminum, strontium ) in the air , and consequently in what we eat . " Is there any reason for this effort to numb the people or reduce their fertility perhaps? This worldwide" coma into which the human race , who denies this daily disaster that is going to encounter, can be connected to aluminum -coated fibers in chemtrails ? "Stevens had predicted that the famous Hurricane Sandy did a turn towards New Jersey, after it was directed towards the open ocean . According to Stevens Hurricane Sandy was an ordinary storm before being artificially changed , not created out from the scratch , but " adjusted " for personal use , which ones? Repairs after the disaster, the reconstruction and the mountain of money and firms behind them. The announcement of the "state of emergency" declared by Connecticut , New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, allows these States , by law, to draw with both hands to federal resources .Gordon James Fraser MacDonald was an American geophysicist and environmental scientist , a member of MIT, was in the Environmental Commission under President Nixon, took part in the European MEDEA , hired by CIA to investigate the techniques to control environmental problems , and an honorary member of numerous scientific institutions. Another controversial figure is that of Z. Brzezinski, Country Security Adviser under the Carter Government , 1977-1981, who, 25 years ago, described briefly the work of MacDonald : " The political strategies are always ready to exploit studies on the brain and human behavior. Geophysicist G. MacDonald said , just in time , that artificial electronic stimulation can lead to a range of oscillations with high levels of discharges in certain regions of the planet. This way could create a system that weakens and undermines the cerebral masses of populations selected for certain periods . No matter , the ignominy of such actions, if done for the benefit National . This technology will be ready in a few decades. "THINK of these authoritative scientists and their testimonies, their careers and research. There are hundreds of websites who study these phenomena , from chemtrails, controlled earthquakes, through hurricanes and related flooding. You do not need to go too far back in time.
 - The Iraq war was unleashed by a campaign media/policy on alleged "Weapons of mass destruction " possessed by Saddam Hussein later it proved false, and that has resulted in hundreds of thousands of  soldiers and civilians deads . The deplorable torture of Arab prisoners with dogs , humiliation and fake drowning on the one hand and the fight to the terrorists in the name of justice on the other.

 - The Promises not kept on Guantanamo

.- The Invisible War of Drones, most of all  in Pakistan and Somalia , enhanced and supported by President Obama.- The iconic September 11 with all the footage possible from every angle of the crash of the planes into the Twin Towers , and an incomprehensible frame of the alleged plane that crashed at the Pentagon.- Of Laws to protect Monsanto, recognized across the world as the multinational GMO . 

- The last scandal of the Obama administration that controlled the data of millions of users on the internet, made ​​public only when it was already all over the papers . If it was a preventive measure against terrorism , why move under cover? 

From this type of movie which kind of actors you can  expect ?  

It ' really so difficult for these people to find the keys for control up the planet ? To create emergencies , calls for solidarity , to divert the attention from the most important news , to move a little money and favors, to hit enemies , for an unhealthy and destructive desire for power .Without September 11, the scope of these countries would be much more limited , terrorism can be anywhere , terrorism can be anyone , a perfect model.The era of TV has tamed the masses, slapped and caressed their minds , shapes the emotions channeling all with a remote control. Television has packed the fantasy making it salable, has created a net furrow between what is possible and what is fiction, to the point that even in front of many evidences that make that absurd an inconvenient reality, we change the TV channel. Finish. Too much trouble asking questions .The real people who believe in Conspiracies are those who do not believe , content of daily rations news from the Media of  "trust " ....... maremmacinghialaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


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