Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Financial Colonialism. Savage Privatizations in the Political Desert.

The forms of people control are many and different: dictatorships more or less hided , lost of national sovereignty , censorship and control of the media , cutting on the social services and pensions , "Frankenstein" food , education depletion for new generations , laws that violate privacy and spy the data of millions of people under the excuse of national/world security. Who controls and decides for millions of people does it with cunning , but above all with perseverance and patience. These last two terms are essential to understanding the various mechanisms of the system.A government that from one day to another halved wages , prohibits strikes with a heavy police control,  collapsing the industrial system with unemployment rates atpre civil war  levels, imposes heavy restrictions on the internet, increases taxes and bills of 50 %, while drastically cutting funds for school and culture, is a government destined to be destroyed by popular protests . If we distribute these devastating measures over thirty years everything will be much more gradual ,quiet, sneaky good and acceptable to the masses, which will slowly accustomed to the limitations, cuts, a rope that tightens millimeter by millimeter more and more.
A container full of water with that small , infinitesimal hole . The losses are minimal, difficult to verify , day after day . But after 30 years the levels of container will be considerably reduced, visible to the naked eye. Patience and gradually.Same concept also exhibited by the political scientist , philosopher and professor emeritus at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Noam Chomsky that defines its " Strategy of Gradualism ". " To accept an unacceptable degree, just apply it gradually, drop by drop , for consecutive years . and ' this is how radically new socioeconomic conditions ( neoliberalism ) were imposed during the decades of the 80s and 90s : minimal state , privatization, precariousness , flexibility, mass unemployment , wages can no longer ensure decent incomes , many changes that would have caused a revolution if they had been applied at one time. "The "European Council " is the leading organization in defense of human rights across the continent, covering 47 European countries, 820 million citizens. According to a recent study, austerity measures introduced gradually but systematically from the 2008 financial crisis, are eroding the human rights of thousands of families. In Europe there are 26 million unemployed. Are at risk of poverty 124 million Europeans, almost 25% of the total, 40 % said that they would struggle to deal with sudden expenses . A life on the razor's edge caused the " big players " of the financial world, which without injections of public money at this time would have already shut down. " The massive deficits to cover up are not the product of an unsustainable public spending (as they often want us to believe), but by public bailouts for financial markets: 4.5 trillion of Euro in just three years 2008/11 , 37% of total GDP. "The report also highlights the increase , up 15 out of 21
monitored countries  by the " Council of Europe ", of homeless .The OECD ( Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) has recently pointed out that 16 European States Member  have reduced the budget for education, austerity measures have sharply accelerated it, in a sort of perpetual emergency, without consulting the least citizens. The global financial crisis must not reduce the responsibility of the authorities about human rights , especially the weaker segments . The State should protect individuals from abuse on behalf of third parties such as banks, credit agencies , investment funds, this is underlined by the " Department of Human Rights " of the United Nations.In Greece, the European Commission , the Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund  (the real masters of puppets of the continent) have required that health budget does not exceed 6% of GDP. These institutions go straight  in national parliaments , replacing those who have been voted by the people, that is no longer sovereign , sovereign of nothing. Welcome to the era of the " Financial Colonialism ."We offer extensive and targeted privatization, especially in those countries most in trouble (Spain, Greece , Portugal, Italy ) to encourage foreign investors, often interested in profits and not on welfare of the public. In Italy the people have decided , through a referendum , to repossess a good  passed into the hands of private individuals, the water , yet the reforms struggled to arrive, arrive on time instead  the bills for taxpayers. The further privatization of State owned Company Alitalia, the mess of Telecom , disaster ILVA should reverse the trend, but governments strangled by banks and supranational organ like the European Commission, have no more space to operate, yield to the blackmail of the multinationals, of the finance, of the private and selling off to try to cover it with a bucket of sand the huge depression of the Public Debt. The Bank of Italy should be a public entity but actually is a SPA in the hands of other banks ( Intesa Sanpaolo , Unicredit SPA to name the most important) and insurance companies, only 5% is held by public society . Investments that have symbolic value , since the nominal share capital of the Bank of Italy is worth 156.000 euro. Individual banks , however, have written on their balance sheets values ​​of these investments are quite uneven each other. Soon the Capital will be re-evaluated and there will be rain of billions especially "Intesa" and " Unicredit " bank.The interventions to boost the economies of the countries, the citizens sacrifices, the austerity imposed as a " mantra " from the supervisory bodies in Europe, the guarantees of recovery hanging in the tens of economic factors but only trivialized with the GDP,  the results are clear and easy to understand. Private income and public costs. By the way this trend is not a surprise , since the majority of political actors in the various governments have a past in some financial corporation, the same accused of devastated economies around the world.  Former member of Goldman Sachs were, Petros Christodoulo General Manager of the Agency for Public Debt Greek, Mario Monti, former Prime Minister of the Italian Government, Otmar Issing , a former member of the Bundesbank and the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi, the ECB's director , Antonio Borges , Director of the IMF in 2010/11 , and in charge for a series of privatizations in Portugal since 2011,Carlos Moedas with assignments for prime minister in Portugal. And what about the Bildenberg Group, that organize private meeting involving members of the various world governments , industry, media , finance of any belief. United to organize, control and direct the Europe and the world but without the involvement of citizens , democracy is distorted and manipulated .Who votes simply chooses the political puppet that will follow European directives, budget cuts that will continue to sink economies .The European Fiscal Pact ( Fiscal Compact ) is yet another demonstration . Become law on January 1st of 2013 establishes a set of binding rules for the countries that take part , virtually all with the exception of the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic.Strong Rules such as  the requirement of a balanced budget , reducing public debt to the rate of one twentieth per year, up to a ratio of 60% of GDP , the requirement for each state to guarantee automatic corrections with specified maturity dates when it is not able to achieve the fiscal targets agreed otherwise . Italy has introduced it by amending the Constitution , the goal of a balanced budget is not reached in 2013, as the country promised before, but , at best in 2015 , according to the IMF we have to wait until 2017 to reach this achievement . Italy has paid this year more than 80 billion euro in interest on the debt. With the adoption of the Fiscal Compact it 'll need at least another 45-50 billion per year for the next 20 years (source Sbilanciamoci ). Put this together with the clumsiness of the politicians and the collapse is vertical. They continue to demand heavy taxes from the people, has increased the VAT when he had to go down, they increased the taxes on fuel , alcohol and tobacco on because they have to meet at least the promise of cancel the "house tax" (IMU) ,it's simply ridiculous. They do not tackle the illegal economy in Italy worths 21% of the GDP something like  € 333 billion of euro a year, it's a giant mountain of money!! Only by lowering this percentage to 15%, the tax collected would be like 40 billion of euro.The fight against tax evasion of the true rich who declare peanuts haven't start yet, uncollected taxes in Italy amounted to 130 billion of euro. Numbers that have already raised an economy, but this political class does not represent the country. Even the electoral law is a bluff , the government of illegal in the country lawlessness.Another potential source of revenue for the state regards goods confiscated from the mafia, a nice nest egg since 1992 , amounting to  14 billion of Euro, 11.238 buildings and 1.708 companies . A heritage to be delivered to the community, to refill the virtuous circles of income. But here comes the turtle bureaucracy: stamps, permits , deeds, checks, a series of legal steps that often frustrate the good confiscated throughout Italy. The road to the liberation of these places is an uphill struggle. There are sabotage , destruction , intimidation, or bureaucracy , local governments that are against ,also often the bank that did credit to the mafia and now refuses to cancel the debt and even judges who endorse another parcel of land and seize the good wrong. All potential income, stuck in the depths of the Italian bureaucracy. Politics is in the hand of the banks and supranational institutions. Which reason going to vote in a referendum if no one respects it? Which reason to vote for a political party if anyone repeats the same refrain " Sacrifices , Austerity , Cuts "? Which reason going to vote if we are gimmicks , tricks, the backroom to decide the Prime Minister ( In Italy, no one voted for the current Enrico Letta )? Finance, banks , connive governments have dragged millions of people into poverty , have canceled healthy companies have zeroed economies , but it never seems too much. There are those who dance above the ruins of Europe and those countries in crisis such as Italy , Spain, Greece , Portugal, France . Persevering with a recipe that does not work, that only creates anger and riots. Those who protest has nothing to lose, has hit rock bottom, they are tired of the arrogant chatter of the real culprits ,  protected by police cordons(underpaid ) as monarchs . Only with a shear force to boycotts and  new idea and solutions, Italy , Europe and the world will really change , it needs more participation and altruism . The violence is the daughter of decades of abuse and theft to the future of entire generations , the "Strategy of Gradualism" of Noam Chomsky helps to understand the value of every single cm gained or lost in this battle. Blackmail does not hold anymore and even the useless promises made by pseudo waiters  of pseudo banks ..... maremmacinghialaaaaaaaaaaa


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