Monday, December 2, 2013

Afghanistan 2014 the end of what?!

The recent statements by President Obama about the supposed "end" of the Afghan war in 2014 with the return home of the last military contingents does not lay on solid foundations. More than a pebble in the shoe, to the American administration , this war is a kind of daily nightmare, the confirmation of the failure of war began with Bush and continued with a President who paraphrased Martin Luther King just a few years ago, with a new American dream of world peace. Those promises have remained the same, closed and packed in dusty boxes under the label "Smoked Election ."The Afghan President Karzai has refused to sign this agreement of U.S. disengagement without some major  guarantees that, for now , the U.S. cannot ( doesn't want? ) confirm. One above all: the immediate stop of the attacks by drones on Afghan soil that continue to claim victims among civilians, making the country a sort of game to hunt for Taliban or assumed. Over 423 attacks with these aircraft, unmanned and without blame from 2001 to early 2013 , with Obama's true promoter of this form of "secret war ", where the average number of civilians killed is around 15-20%. Afghanistan , Iraq , Libya , Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen , thousands of innocent people swept away from a technology amoral and shameful , that incite anger and resentment among the people who are under daily attack. The last civilian killed in Afghanistan was just a few days ago , with relative apologies of Gen. Joseph F. Dunford Jr.According to a study of the " Columbia Law School " the media coverage for this kind of military action is still low , there is still no official data released by the U.S. Government , but there are many non-governmental organizations that follow these deadly attacks . Between 2010 and 2011, the bombing with drones were 10 times more deadly for Afghan civilians than normal manned combat aircraft. Another point on which Karzai does not compromise, is the closure of Guantanamo, which currently holds 164 prisoners , deprived of basic civil rights, other promise forgotten by Mr.Obama. A war resulted in a huge financial hole for the United States, we are talking about over $ 700 billion since its inception 12 years ago , $ 10 million a day , rain of criticism and protests by public opinion, 148 U.S. soldiers killed in 2013 alone , over 30,000 requests for political asylum by nationals Afghans in 2012 , more than 25 %, according to data from the "United Nation Statistics" .Even the alleged fight at the market of ' opium continues to be a complete disaster. Afghanistan is still the world's top producer , covering more than 90% of the heroin market . In 2013 it touched new records in production and sales . Over 200,000 acres devoted to this crop , compared with 154,000 in 2012 , considered that the lowest data was reached in 2001 with an extension below the 10,000 hectares (the year of the war ) . "The current production exceeds the annual global demand " these are the words of the Director of the United Nations ' Office for Drugs and Crime " in Kabul, Jean -Luc Lemahieu . A total failure of the U.S. administration not only with the couple Bush / Obama, but also the trusty overseas butler  Tony Blair defined by Brian Cloughley in his article on " The News International ": " The worst British Prime Minister , who participated together with Bush to the  invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan , his hands are full of blood. In July 2001 , where he was already planning the invasion of Afghani , Blair declared that - the essential act of war was to destroy the Taliban regime that is held on heroin trafficking , a scourge in the UK market , stop them is for our interests - but in fact the statement on the Taliban was a lie , since in 2001 under the Taliban , opium production had fallen drastically . " Here the link to this nice article .A market that grows undisturbed , despite the proclamations of Obama's victorious struggle against the Taliban .What is being said and written by the Western media about the educational and health improvements that military intervention would bring on Afghan soil should be analyzed in detail. Just the " Agency for International Development " ( Federal Agency , which manages the American government aid to civilians in foreign countries ) has committed $ 934 million over the past 12 years, important numbers , but we want the facts on the ground. According to UNICEF that almost half the “schools” supposedly built or opened have no actual buildings, and in those that do, students double up on seats and share antiquated texts. Only one quarter of teachers is considered qualified , even by Afghan standards . No more than 10 % of the students , mostly boys , ends the course of study, while in 2012, according to UNICEF, only half of school-age children went to school at all.Another article , always UNICEF points out that since 2001, something has been done , but very slowly and with big difficulty and danger , especially for girls who account for almost 40 % of the more than 8 million students trying to attend classes .The health sector has huge problems and shortcomings too. Since 2004 the data on the malnutrition is doubled (source: UNICEF), Afghanistan is the first country in the world for growth deficiency of children. The country is in 22nd place out of 188 countries for infant mortality.Despite some progress in the distribution of fresh water and drinking water, more than 43% of the population does not have access on it , while 71 % do not have toilets . ( UNICEF)Yet there is always someone who can do business, who can speculate and profit from the misfortunes of a country hardly known and with thousand of prejudices.The number of Contractors in the country has already reached 108,000 units , groups of people who being pay to provide military assistance, a sort of sub-army with no real checks and official rules to follow. An increasing number with plenty of funds, according to the DOD ( Department or Defense) 160 billion in the last 6 fiscal years. But this sort of shadow army is not necessarily a good thing , indeed. Angela Snell from the University of Illinois' College of Law defines them as " a convenient way for the U.S. military to avoid legal obligations , such as those to protect civilians and their human rights. " The Congressional Research Service ( CRS) also points to a further aspect, the one on the real tasks of these "modern mercenaries" in Afghanistan. There is, according to the CRS , any complete and detailed documentation issued by the Pentagon , on the real activities of these groups in the field. So, numbers are rising, billionaires investment , but in practice it is not clear which duties have these characters.Another sector that continues to increase revenues and profits with nine zeros is the construction. Obviously run by foreign companies .If someone is bombing, someone immediately is ready to rebuild, and it does not matter if it is the same country that has just bombed, this is the business. The construction company " Versar " , based in Washington DC, a few days ago celebrated new support contracts for $ 8.8 million dollars, since 2006 instead the revenue is about $ 96 million. The risk in managing these large sums of money is related to corruption. The " Sigar " (Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction ), an independent organization that works on behalf of the Congress , underlines this danger. This August has blocked $ 63 million for an alleged case of corruption. The focus must be high for a business that is growing year by year and often must do business with areas of the country controlled by " local lords " of which we know little or nothing.Adding further gunpowder to this situation  itself already glowing is the money sent by the CIA to President Karzai, to literally "Gaining influence and favors from the president," according to an article this is not made ​​in the Middle East , the" New York Times " in an article on April 28, 2013. We talk of a "corruption" really gross : shopping bags , briefcases or backpacks totally full of dollars to influence Karzai and his entourage . The CIA declined to comment , but the payroll displays a wide range of payments for more than ten years. For some American officials that money has simply compromise the legal actions of Washington, also supporting the warlords and some terrorist cells . Also according to this article more money also came from Iran , millions of dollars. A real boon to the Afghan administration .

All this on the eve of the elections in the country in 2014 and with many question marks.Many candidates who were disqualified by the "Independent Election Commission (IEC) " cause there are not considered suitable , are actually part of the Karzai government. A situation really grotesque and hard to read especially for the Western media who often report the news partial and taken from sources that doesn't know at all what is going on in those areas . It is clear: the vortex of billions of dollars that gravitate in Afghanistan, the double and triple games in the United States , the interference of the CIA, the drug business , the drones that shoot at random, the lack of health care and education , the indissoluble interweaving between warlords and contracts to fulfill. This is the cauldron from which Obama and his men would like to put an end in 2014 , congratulations for this well done job....maremmacinghialaaaaa


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