Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Philippine or Sardinia. Same mistake, same "progress"

The Philippines and Sardinia are not so far away. A warning that travels thousands of miles between two likely different countries but actually protagonist of the same script: the man and his heavy impact on the territory. The classic elephant in the china shop, or if you prefer a domino effect that knows no barriers, no passports, languages ​​or religions. No more differences between industrial countries and developing ones, there are urbanistic decision  often  wicked and omnivorous, constructors discussing about vloume of infrastructures, GDP , pieces of land still to fill with cement, misinformation disguised as opportunities for growth, to educate people like good pupils, "educated", but not "informed", there is a big difference.The website " Footprintnetwork " gives us an example of the pressure that 7 billion people are exercising on the planet . The date of 20th August 2013 is the red dot for what the man consumes and what the earth has to offer in terms of resources. Basically, each year the human race has some sort of budget to be used: air, water, agriculture, livestock ,quantities of CO2 released into the atmosphere and so on. This capital should be enough for a year, but in reality it is sold out much earlier. This results stress the planet that is literally squeezed like a lemon for the remaining months . Basically now serve a earth and a half to meet the demands of these 7 billion people. This date of " exhaustion" is shrinking year by year ( this date is approximate not correct to 20 August , but the principle highlights the disproportionate use of terrestrial resources, which increases annually ), in 1993, this date was set about October 21st , 2003 was on September 22nd. The most "hungry" countries are China, France, India , the United States , Egypt , Greece, the UK, Italy , Switzerland , Qatar and Japan who would require even more than 7 " Japan " to balance its hunger for resources ! Italy sets at 4.The species "man" has dramatically accelerated another key element , deforestation . According to dozens of environmental organizations (to name just on "United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change" ) this phenomenon, dramatically concentrated on tropical forests, contributes about 20% to the greenhouse effect with global warming. The rainforest, our green lungs provides 30 % of the total fresh water on the planet, we are slowly closing the tap of one of the primary elements of our body. Among the countries most endangered most are: Malaysia , Sri Lanka , Laos,Congo,Ghana , China, Colombia , Brazil, India , Indonesia, Myamar , Mexico, Thailand, Nigeria. The main causes are due by about 48% for " subsistence farming ", 32% are " Commercial Agriculture ", 14% use of timber for commercial purposes and 5% for energy purposes. Madagascar has already affected 90 % of its forests in the east of the country. To the maniacs of GDP this means about 7% less in global GDP by 2050. The promises of development, employment , prosperity for these countries mentioned above , have the same effect of a match, a good initial flare up , but no real long-term profit, but rather irreparable harm to biodiversity , rivers and seas , consequently erosion soil and any tourist willing to spend a cent more .Some government tries to find a solution as for El Salvador where between 1992 and 2001, the tropical forest has increased by 20% , in China the percentage of forests, in some areas, seems to be increased by a few percentage points, in Senegal an enviromental organization run by youngs has been able to plant more than 6 million mangroves. It needs more virtuous examples, worldwide governments  should support and promote the growth of the forest rather than GDP or industrial sites .By 2030, according to a comparative study of the " World Bank " titled " Resilience Buildings : Integrating development with the risks and Climate disasters " 325 million people are under of bad weather in the territories of sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia , with the loss of a trillion dollars, with reconstruction costs higher by 50% compared to the initial construction . Also according to this study, the trend of exceptional climatic events and displaced people is steadily increasing .Corruption is often the key vector for poor quality infrastructure , buildings in areas of high landslide risk , permits issued without any kind of previous study. The public has more and more the role of passive spectator when the most important decisions are already taken. " Do you want this highway, construction, ramp , house, here or 50 meters ahead? " People believes to still have the ability to choose (the candy for fools), while those opposed all the way are considered against progress . Posterity is the lifejacket of these speculators/politicians, the flow of time will help to forget the culprit of any bad action aftermath proved harmful and useless. No blame, no witnesses , everything and the opposite of everything.The Italian example in Sardinia is yet another demonstration of a country that does not want and does not have to take any kind of responsibility. There are still countries to rebuild for earthquakes or floods from the past years , there are still ongoing processes for environmental disasters so dated that people no longer remembers the reasons. The emotion for a dramatic event has a short duration , time to remove the photos of displaced people from newspapers, some collapse live frame on youtube, the howls of protest fade off and no one thinks any more. But in Italy there are 1,200,000 ghost properties of unlawful buldings, between 2003 and 2011 were built 26,000 illegal structures, on 46760 requests demolition only 4956 went through. Italy is the land of magic numbers : from 1956 to today, the population has increased by 12% , but the number of houses has increased by 50 % (source Espresso Magazine ). It would need 40 billion for the territory safety but the Government proposes just 30 million per year , the priorities are football stadiums with new shopping malls and concrete poured, to tame a little more the lobotomized population . In the country where there are still unfinished works by the 1990 World Cup, do not even want to imagine how things goes with this new brilliant idea of the Government. " The most affected part of Olbia ,(Sardinia's town) is on houses built in the channels and condoned by the policy, the same politician that today wants to clear the landscape plan. Policy itself , which was highly acclaimed by people with Berlusconi on stage to do a testimonial to the candidate of the center-right , wanted to Olbia 2 are the same business committee continental and international flirting with a autonomist populist facade which is actually a disguised neo-colonialism" this is the comment of  the architect Stefano Boeri on this drama . The Italian government continues to spend more than € 12 billion in direct and indirect subsidies for fossil fuels , according to Legambiente report, with an article in the newspaper "La Repubblica" . Zanonato, (former mayor of Padua , who during his mandate built up a wall in the city to stop illegal immigration, the work of visionary and wise politician...) Minister of Economic Development of the actual Government Letta, replied to Legambiente  data : "There are no subsidies for fossil fuels to 12 billion ." For the Minister  Legambiente's data are baseless and  nonsense information. A minister who does not support renewables energies but rather considers them almost a burden to the country what kind of minister is for ? ! A policy that invests more in armaments, without having the courage to diversify the expenses, where a referendum for public water is still ignored by most, where young people who run away from Italy are like an army , according to the data of ' AIRE ( Register of Italians abroad ) +30 % in 2012, to not mention those who leave overseas but continue to be resident in Italy, where there is no money to introduce a form of minimum income, Italy, together with the Greece is the only EU country where there is no traces of a similar measure. Not a word, neither an action, however, on taxing more than 100 billion Euros returned with the tax shelter and likely the result of tax avoidance and evasion, if not worse.This is Italy, desperately seeking answers to a policy in this increasingly chaotic. A totally immature people who follow without "ifs " and "buts " the political of the moment , slaves of an ideology, a belief impressed with a cross on a piece of paper. A population which does not have the courage to change their mind , to imagine, to criticize , to get involved and fight because the system (corrupt) teachs and tame .Italy reflection of a world with too many drafts and fewer original pieces ...... maremmacinghialaaaaaa


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