Sunday, November 10, 2013

From Fukushima to whale massacre. The liquid desert

The mountain of useless information is always higher , is likely to fall apart and submerge a mass of ignorant and presumptuous humanoid artfully distracted  and chained by clichés and stereotypes on the ground. An evolved race should address issues that affect their threatened survival,  should discuss issues related to dangerous demographic growth , with a progress that travels hand in hand with pollution, to the future of generations, to erase the weapons from the list of expenses of the world governments, to find ways to cooperate with other countries without old and dusty colonists spirits  under the jacket.Yet the media prefer to talk of politicians more and more boring , policies more  opportunistic , men and women who are not worth a damn but continues to decide the fate of the planet. Front pages of newspapers dedicated to flattering the bosses , empires that launch  dangerous lifestyles without future , debates on the potential of nuclear power, the ignorant racist phrase of the moment, the latest car models to speed away from reality, of " right wars " of men " righteous" who does " right wars " , on another celebrities without panties or with the new villa of 20 rooms, with the latest culinary discoveries of food more and more absurd and unsustainable .Our planet looks like the Titanic , where the media are the musicians who continue to play even though the boat is sinking and the creaks and slopes are not normal since long time and with the majority of the passengers enjoy dancing and trusting those music festival .CO2 emissions reached a new record in 2012, according to the " World Organization Forcast . From the beginning of the industrial era by 1750 , today the average concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere , primarily due to the emissions related to fossil fuels  has increased by 41 % , methane by 160% and that of nitrous oxide by 20%. This news should occupy the headlines , the news on television , people should talk about it, worry and act consequently .According to WWF the 80% of marine pollution comes from land-based human production , from plastic bags to chemical fertilizers , from industrial effluents to dustbins rivers. Oil spills , tons of plastics, shoes, bottles , dolls . 80% of the urban sewage spilled in the Mediterranean sea is not treated but go straight into the waters as they are ingested by fish, absorbed by plants and then in our stomachs to close this circle of stupidity . We want to go so well? A mass suicide that still affects a small number of people , lifestyles  hard to die because they represent the "progress " no matter if the future is a chimera.Armies of men and women eat in the manger media , they stopped long time ago to procure their own food , they eat when it happens and what passes the monastery . The news that is not read does not exist, a Chinese shadow theater , almost a religious belief that a news can quench and draw reality, the belief of living reality , the arrogance of feeling satisfied with the illusion ingested daily , without question , and a thousand questions about the "why" suspended in the air but often invisible to most . The carousel rotate faster and faster, get off  becomes almost impossible and dangerous , the system runs in the veins and makes  automata million of people.We no longer speak about the Fukushima disaster , a few articles every so often, but the perception of the majority is that everything is falling in the normal range . Fukushima continues to poison the seas and people , and will continue for decades under the Governments cover and the wagging Media  that relegate the news in the jungle of misinformation.Numerous organization , dozens of articles every day appear in the network to highlight how the levels of certain radioactive isotopes are unusually high in the seas , especially in the Pacific Ocean . The Japanese company TEPCO who runs the plants , admitted last August that billions of highly radioactive substances were released into the sea, and that in one week , last August , the parameters of cesium 134 were exceeded 90 times , while those Cesium 137 86 times. Same substances found in the fish of those areas and sold in the markets of North America. Anomalous behavior of many marine species , such as whales , which have stopped communicating with each other and entire herds of fish die from one day to another. An Australian sailor who sailed from Japan to California for over 3000 nautical miles noted the total absence of aquatic fauna, no dolphins, sharks, turtles or birds , a desert. "In 2003 I fished almost every day is the same route , but on the last trip utter nothingness . " Thus the words of the solo sailor , Ivan MacFadyen , in an article from "The Guardian" . Unsustainable fishing , frequent patches of floating plastic , toxic substances have reduced this huge expanse of water in a liquid cemetery .High levels of cesium 137 were detected off the coast of Hawaii and California. The "Vancouver Sun " has traced the fish species positive for Cesium 137 :100% in the monkfish, carp, seaweed and sharks ; 94% in cod and anchovies , tuna and eel in 93 % , 92 % in sardines ; 91 % in halibut , 73 % in the mackerel.Fukushima continues to lose , at least until 2015, but the governments talk of taxes, crime, GDP , fundamentalist terrorism . But with a brain that properly works  you realize that these people handsomely paid are the real terrorists , criminals in white gloves who know how to use wisely the media to anesthetize people? ! ?In the Faroe Islands , off the coast of Denmark every year in summer the locals slaughter dolphins and whales because it is a tradition , only in the period 2001-2006 approximately 4215 whales were killed , not to mention other species "accidentally ended up in the harpoons of these murderers ."The Japan in 70 years has killed something like a million of whales.In the northern seas   these species are not endangered so it is justifiable this legalized carnage. The infamy of the action itself , harpoon brutally other species for sport, for personal enjoyment is supported by the numbers, it is a tradition and consciousness is muted .We must   boycott worldwide these type of products, read the origin of the food , not just the special offer that will come back, like a boomerang , in our present and future lives  with savory interests  . There are no excuses , internet reveals the tricks and awakens the conscience, but then each of us must act accordingly : inquire independently, ask thousand "why" , to spread the news instead of talking about politics and slogan for lobotomy brains . We are not separate entities from this ecosystem , we can not buy a new ocean or a new slice of clean and healthy air , we can wake up and do everyone his own part . Be responsible for our actions , fight those who want to impose what to eat, what to read, what to dress , how to live, how to work, ignorance is no longer acceptable , there is no excuse , and maybe even too much time to change our styles of life immoral and dangerous. Do not just go and put a cross on a piece of paper to feel good about yourself. ..... maremmacinghialaaaaaaaaaaaa


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