Monday, January 19, 2015

Amazon, the breath of the Planet

If there is a chance to humanize our planet, the Amazon represents our lungs, it is vital supply of oxygen and protection for the Earth. About 5  and 1/2 million square kilometers, which preserve in its millennial ecosystem  two and half million different species of insects, tens of thousands of plants different, 2,000 varieties of mammals and birds, priceless heritage, the tangible realization of the power of nature. An endless paradise that man has make mortal and attachable 
An article of MaremmaCinghiala dated June 2009 was concerning about the serious deforestation occurring in Amazon Rainforest. It was a Greenpeace report. Now the latest updated is on 26th Nov 2014 and is showing us how the deforestation rate for the Brazilian side of this massive rainforest is decreasing of 18% from August 2013 and July 2014 when 4,848 km2 of the Amazon rainforest was destroyed (data from Brazilian Government). This announcement marks a return to decreasing deforestation rates in the Amazon. We have to consider that Brazil’s deforestation rates increased 29% between August 2012 and July 2013, reaching 5,871 km2. So it can be seen as a good news with some shadows. The agreement, just renewed few month ago for another 18 months, called "Soy Moratorium is contributing to achieve good outcomes, but we must be vigilant." Without forests, there is no rain. Without rain there is no water for our homes and farms. Instead of defending our forests, the principal Brazilian political parties spent the year praising and granting favors to big agribusiness, the principal enemy of the forests."Said Paulo Adario, Senior Forest Strategy Advisor for Greenpeace International. So problem solved, end of "Amazonia Hysteria"? The problem is related with the source of this "good" news: the Brazilian Government, who highlights the officials data. Some independent organization as the Brazilian "Imazon" (Imazon is a non-profit research institution classified as a Civil Society Public Interest Organization founded in 1990) detected 244 square kilometers of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon in October 2014. That represented a 467% increase in relation to October 2013 when deforestation totaled 43 square kilometers. 
Beside that the other side of the coin: in the other five nations whose territories cover 40% of the Amazon basin ( Perù, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela) the loss of vegetation increased threefold in the same period, wiping out a combined area of forest cover of more than 32,000 sq km. Last year, the pace of deforestation in those nations leapt by 120%. A recent article of "The Guardian" point out this latter, adding that the actual Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff has put a lower priority on the environment and built alliances with powerfull agribusiness group such as the infamous McDonald or KFC, (97% of the soymeal produced worldwide is used to feed animals, not people, the European Union uses 32 % of Brazil’s total soybean harvest), but also the Oil giant Chevron, Texaco, Occidental Petroleum Corporation, Vale an iron mining Company, Belgian Timber companies Lemahieu and Omniplex, GDF Suez, EDF, Alstom, Voith-Siemens and Andritz, Arcadis, French, German, Austrian and Dutch companies involved in the Amazon dam projects, another controversial project supported by the Brazilian PM. Many more Company are involved, many meat producer that have their cattle in Brazil, eating off land of rainforest every day for some hungry European citizen. The rainforest is under attack also from gold mining Companies, many of those totally illegal, putting in severe endanger the biodiversity of this last Paradise. Researchers from the University of Puerto Rico found that an area of 1,680 sq km was cleared between 2001 and 2013, during that time the price of gold rose more than fivefold. The rate of destruction doubled in the second half of that period.
This is without mention the daily fight of the Amazon inhabitants, the native indigenous that have to deal with continuous oil spilling and Corporation invasion of their "rainforest home".
This green lang and his wonderful biodiversity is fighting every day to survive, from a side the "good news" of the Brazilian Government clashing with the bad news of the non governmental environment organization. The Country is signing more contract with the agrobusiness firms in a dangerous borderline that has to be monitored day by day. The other side show a picture of illegal logging, unstoppable demand of western market of beef, leather, gold, oil, a greedy chain of blind progress that for many worldwide Organizations  lead to the vanishing of not only Amazon Rainforest but of the worldwide rainforest in the world in barely 100 years. This cannot be understimate, considering that only Amazon itself contribute to the 20% of our oxigen. In South America, there are over 400 indigenous groups that thrive in these forests, and if deforestation continues, this could jeopardized their lifes and their futures.
Avoiding certain type of meat knowing their origin, or certain type of lifestyle like fast-food can really make the difference between exist or perish, between find a balance or overwhelm our planet with our stupid greediness. Spread the truth and be inform can make the difference now......maremmacinghialaaaaaaaaaaaaa


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