Thursday, May 8, 2014

Amazon: The Future of the Indios, the future of a Planet

On June 15th 2009 MaremmaCinghiala published an article about the struggles of Peruvians Indigenous  against his own government responsable to sold pieces of the Amazon rainforest  to international mining companies. There were violent clashes in the country , particularly in Bagua , between Indios and police, with several deaths on both sides. On one hand, the Amazon and its inhabitant , on the other hand the Government which protected , now a rule of the globalization, big corporation, selling to the best buyer the future of a country.The representative group of Indians was Alberto Pizango , at the forefront in the fight for his land .This is the link to that article titled " The struggle of the indigenous Peruvians . "After almost 5 years what is going on in the Country?The same movie as for many areas of the Amazon : the laws applied only formally , guarantees and promises from the energy giants regularly unapplied, pipelines that season soils and Indios with their poisons . Governments who speak of " indispensable progress ." Native even more exasperated and unheard which taking the path of sabotage and street protest .The Peruvian government has changed its prime minister, from super liberal and largely responsible for the situation in 2009, Alan Garcia , for the "new" government of Ollanta Humala . Change the actors, but the substance remains the same.The law passed at the end of 2011 enshrined the right of the Indians to be consulted in the case of mining/energy  projects  that will affect their territory.A  facade law that does not seem to put away another slice the Amazon and its inhabitants , tens of thousands of people. According to " Amazon Watch," engaged in the preservation of this expanse of forest and life since 1966 , to $ 50 billion of foreign investment among the various Companies : gas pipelines, oil pipelines , bulldozers , risky river transport, logging truck men and their "no future progress"  in one of the sanctuaries of biodiversity.Do the new law will allow the Indians to finally have the power to stop any dangerous Governmental project? The Art .15 seems to answer this question by reiterating how the final decision is up to the Peruvian Government . A sort of law to allow the authorities to explain to the Indians the goodness of each mining project in the Amazon. Children to be educated, non-citizens with the right to decide for their forest.No need to be a devout enviromentalist, just need a bit of common sense and read the continuing incidents that occur in the areas affected by this type of " industry."Just last April 25th more than 500 indigenous  blocked  one of the largest Oil Company in their country, Argentina Plus Petrol , accused of silently poisoning rivers and soils. Carlos Sandi , who is leading the protest denounced the presence of cadmium in food and water.The protest is then over already, when Sandi has accepted the agree  of  PlusPetrol ( already convicted to pay $ 13 million for environmental contamination ) to clean the area , economically compensate local people and build bridges and schools. But surely the battle is not finished yet.Governmental measures, in addition, to have a controlled deforestation , crumble in front of the corruption , the lack of effective  and capillary monitoring in this vast territory. At least 70% of the concessions the Government for cutting the trees, are illegal (source: "The Guardian ").Over 60% of the Peruvian territory belongs to rainforests, nearly 70 million hectares , 11 % of the total Amazon rainforest . The top forest for bird biodiversity in the world  the third for mammals as well. Every year this paradise lose 300,000 hectares, a slow trickle , a silent virus that devours the future of a planet.All this while a draft law of the Ministry of Energy Eleodoro Mayorga Alba tries to make  less " bureaucratic " the way for Corporations to obtain permits to extract the forest.Meanwhile, the trial will begin in a few days in Peru for the events of 2009 in Bagua, mentioned at the beginning of this article. Fifty-three people, all  leaders indigenous, who risks penalties of up to 35 years in jail. The right to protest is disguised as a crime , repression simulated with the law, here as in the rest of the world. The cake for the resources of the planet got thinner and thinner slices, but hunger increases. From the times of the " Conquistadores ", responsible for real mass murders , the " religious conversions " forced with the cross of Christ in Latin America, up to the " legalized " abuses Multinational today. The home is destroyed , your future is denied , your child is sick and who is supposed to protect you is the cause of all this. Violent protest ? ! They have reversed the roles of perpetrator and victim.The West contaminate with his polluted needs,  the West attracts with its promises of disposable happiness  , the West imposes its model as a forced tattoo. Believing that the core of this article is the Amazon and a group of Indios is highly reductive . The current system has forged millions of diffidents, took care of the fears and anxieties of its inhabitants , feeding them , creating mental barriers, where the " I " takes precedence over what is " our", where the distances dilute the threats . Before being citizens, we are inhabitants of this planet and every single action will bring soon or later dangerous  consequences to us or on future generations. The forest under our block or the green lung of South America are the two faces of the same coin, fights for job insecurity or save a portion of the forest, have in common the desire of a peaceful future. The enemy is one, from Peru to Japan, from Dakar to the North Pole , the enemy is overpowering other species just for the sake of abuse ,  the enemy  always exploit, the enemy does not want limits , the enemy has a thousand faces , a thousand slogans, a thousand spells and tricks, and survive with ignorance.What sense does it make to cultivate your own backyard if we are surrounded by deserts, and landfills ? Global visions , global cooperation, love for a planet to which we belong , because when everything around will be compromised and poisoned take care of your own garden will be very ridiculous ...maremmacinghialaaaaaaa


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