Sunday, April 13, 2014

Israel, the Spoiled Godson of the Respectably World

You never know where to start in the Israeli-Palestinian endless story. Tons of words, resolutions, books, documentaries, agreements, signatures, negotiations, missiles, abuse, threats, ceasefire, made ​​this permanent tragedy almost  normal, something to get used to it, almost institutionalized by the history or by the conveniences of the politicians. This never-ending conflict is the synthesis of the all manifest contradictions of the political world, which promises " Democracy " and "Justice " and in the other hand supports, militarily and economically, States so call " Rogue ". A recent report of " Amnesty International " has requested the immediate stop of the arms trade from  U.S. and Europe towards Israel. The state spends much as 6.2 % of its GDP on defense field (data from SIPRI ), considered that the U.S. arrive at 4.4 % of GDP, we are talking about a State overarmed.
The country is among the top ten in the world by number of soldiers compared to the civilian population, Azerbaijan leading , followed by North Korea, South Ossezia , Singapore and Cuba. 
Israel is also the first in the ranking of the "Global Militarization Index" , an index that quantifies the weight of the military force of a country in relation to its health care spending, the incidence on GDP , the ratio of doctors and the military, and that between the presence of heavy weapons per number of civilians. Second is Singapore, third Syria. 
Israel is the tenth largest exporter of weapons, include almost every country in the world, among whose clients who in one hand condemn the occupation in Palestine and the other doing business with the " condemned" . Australia , India, Germany , Colombia , Brazil, Italy , Russia, Peru , Singapore , Spain, USA (source: SIPRI ). Israel is not a signatary, along with Pakistan, India, North Korea, to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of nuclear Weapon, despite having something like 80 nuclear warheads. 
The State, sentinel of the Middle East has received over the decades services and money from many countries : between 1953/61 a decent flow of technology and weaponry coming from France , Nasser disturbed Israeli interests , including the Suez Canal and was not acceptable. Between 1961/69 the ties between Israel and the United States became closer, the classic adopted godson for which everything is allowed and forgiven. Full support for the Six-Day War , even when an Israeli jet strikes a ship of the American fleet, killing 34 soldiers, apology accepted , indeed a beautiful gift from President Johnson : the sale of Phantom War jets  and he Jewish state  was growing strong and healthy. Even during the war of Yom Kippur President Nixon deployed a considerable flow of weapons to the conflict between Israel and some Arab states . Under the Reagan era  the cash flow rose up 3 billion dollars per year and continue until today. Some criticism of the siege of Beirut, some warning for "Operation Babylon " when an Israeli attack destroyed a nuclear reactor under construction near Baghdad. But even the famous veto with which Reagan rejected a proposed weaponries embargo against Israel proposed by the United Nations and the Soviet Union. And so on , year after year , president after president , occupation after occupation , bombing after bombing , Palestine was the violent terrorist, Israel had only exercised a right of defense.The current President Obama, first in history to have sold to the Jewish state the " bunker buster bombs" to destroy underground target. More and more interconnected relationships between the Israeli lobby , the American multinationals , tons of dollars and interests that in fact call off any reprehensible action against Palestine, devastated as a state and as a people. 
According to the Palestinian Authority for Social Affairs over 1,500 children were killed by Israeli force since 2000, 6,000 were injured and more than 10,000 arrested. 
UNICEF also reported  summary arrests and illegal detention of Palestinian children , in violation of every international law on the rights of child. In June 2013. The UN Child Rights Office has highlighted that thousands of Palestinian children are routinely arrested, tortured and used as human shields by the Israeli force. According to the report there are over 7000 children, aged between 9 and 17 years old. All this within the Palestinian border, not to mention the tens of thousands of refugees who have never even been able to set foot in their homeland. In the battered Syria there is one of the largest, the Yarmouk , with over 100,000 Palestinians, created in 1957, a mini town with a chaotic urbanization . There are schools and hospitals, but despite some articles on Wikipedia , define it one of the best fugitive field in terms of livability, the reality is quite different . The long civil war in Syria has worsened the conditions. A recent article in "The Guardian" shows thousands of Palestinians in the queue for basic necessities , no water , rice, neither medicines . The food distribution by the United Nations fails to minimally cover this humanitarian emergency. The high population density and poor sanitation are another factor for the epidemics risk.The beverage giant Coca Cola has recently donated about $ 100,000 in food aid to the Yarmouk , a commendable act of charity. But we need to see how the same Coca Cola , from 1966, is one of the first supporters of the Jewish state , every year the multinational finance the Israeli Chamber of Commerce with thousands of dollars. What about when in September 2009 in the headquarters of Coca-Cola was rewarded for his work the General Binyamin Ben- Eliezer, among its commendable actions he had eliminated more than 1,000 Egyptians during the Six-Day War. So donations are mere propaganda group Coca-Cola to improve and polish the image of this brand spread in every corner of the earth. 
Adjectives to describe and condemn what is happening daily in the occupied territories, have lost their real specific weight , are deplenished of their meaning from the sequence of events so criminal , so inhuman to be paradoxically placed in the media flow of " normality." In a world with moral principles pretty good, with values ​​still basically healthy, would not have allowed such  history atrocity  spanning more than 60 years. 
And instead whoever comes to power, whoever lead the Nations has not the smallest embarrassed to go up on stage , to speak out declarations of peace, justice, hope and freedom. Rulers who spend billions of dollars every year to sell arsenals of destruction and death to their Hebrew godson . The media protect these lies, they become complicit in all those moments that would have had make some uncomfortable questions but instead they preferred the silence and submission to a rotten and criminal system. The great Charles Bukowsky would end up in this way: " Life was really unbearable, but to the people had been taught to pretend that it was not. Occasionally there was a suicide or someone entered in a mental hospital, but for the most part the masses continued to live pretending that everything was normally pleasant. " Maremmacinghialaaaaaaa


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