Thursday, September 12, 2013

Syria. The truth of an "almost" war

The information that surrounds us has more and more the appearance of a commodity packaged in our hands . We find it printed and laid on the newsstands , ready to be " discarded " and consumed . In TV the picture is even more passive , we should not even to struggle to get off in the street , two steps to the couch to activate the tool number one of social control. What people perceive is this story: there is a "good" and a series of " bad" to break down. Who wants Democracy and who oppression. Those who kill and whoever saves predestined victims . This elementary division of the present society has dramatically simplified the way of thinking of the citizen and its political class. This trivialization of the world and its mechanisms has allowed those who really control the textures of the game , to continue to do so, almost undisturbed. I say " almost" for the thousands of independent voices struggling against an image of the world that is its caricature , which does not exist, but that it is perceived as real . 

 The level of information that we have today can be equate to a first floor of a skyscraper with hundreds of different plans , countless rooms, hidden corridors , mirror games . People must stay on the first floor , the rest is too complicated. Who somehow manages to climb this tower is informed, but at the same time also threatens to isolate themselves from those chained to the first floor. They are the army of the system , the slaves who defend his master, because without him they fear the chaos , the disorder . Fear is the real weapon of Media and the dose depending on events .It is precisely the powers that arise themselves  to be the pale champions of our freedom , of our future, to undermine the foundations of that same social justice that they profess to defend.The attack, or almost attack by the United States in Syria is yet another clear demonstration . The level of knowledge on the " first floor " is one in which Syria is exterminating his people , that there is a group of rebels , supported by Western countries , which struggle to overthrow the bad guy . The U.S. , as protectors of global justice , must act as soon as possible to save innocent civilians. Credits, thanks and propaganda films for the stunned " first floor is finished. It 's all . The end.If instead we seek additional levels of knowledge , things are not really so .The ingredients are served: a pipeline not to be done , an Israeli plan to expand the "promised land" , there is a counselor from the dirty past that acts as an intermediary between the U.S. and the rebels , there are the interests of the usual multinational weapons , perhaps the most obvious reason of the list. 

- Iran , Iraq , Syria and Lebanon signed an agreement in 2011 for a pipeline that will transport gas to the gates of Europe. The field is located in a large area to the south of Iran. The country " evil " that becomes a gas supplier , with the consent of his Russian ally ? This sparked a series of chain reactions. Qatar had proposed a route of the pipeline without Iran, but only along the same area to the south of the country , before moving to Saudi Arabia, Jordan , Syria and Turkey . Proposal rejected by Assad , to "protect the interests of his Russian ally ," trigger the fury of  Saudi spokesman Bandar Bin Sultan ( other figure that we will examine later ) that sees its suburb of Qatar left out of the game , the immense Saudi Arabia 's private income and a Turkey that certainly can not be said to be satisfied.But Israel also plays a role in this challenging arena . 

- The huge bubble of gas found off its coast a few years ago makes the country a potential competitor on the European energy market . According to the website " Israel National News" the quantities of gas would cover the needs of the population for over 50 years. Can the U.S. leave unsatisfied his watchdog in Middle East ? There should be no competition when it comes to oil and gas and Israel. The website underline how the same Israeli authorities are planning a pipeline from the Mediterranean to the Red Sea , to supply half the Middle East .This discovery could accelerate the process of expansion of Israel, a project at least 60 years old and that does not include the mere cancellation of the " extermination camp" Palestinian .

 - It's called " Greater Israel : "The Zionist plan for the Middle East " the document written by the founding father of Zionism , Theodore Herzl , in which it is planned the new "promised land" from Egypt to the Euphrates , from the coasts of Lebanon until a quarter of Saudi Arabia. Are annexed Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine of course , with a part of Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Create an imperial power on a regional scale , taking advantage of the many religious divisions between various Arab states , making them more and more weak and fragmented , until their merger with the new Israel . It must reform , reshape the Middle East and their states , making them docile instruments of Israeli empire . The ideas in this Zionist movement were merged in 1948 in the Herut Party (Hebrew " Freedom") which in turn has become the mainstream of the Likud Party in 1973. The same party , the ultranationalist , who now holds the reins of the country, with Netanyahu. These ideas , these projects , these values ​​are in the minds ( sick ) of who now leads Israel. You do not need an expert to understand how the geopolitical expansionist agenda continues its relentless march . The fall of Iraq , the collapse of Syria , the chaos in Egypt , the continuing attacks in Lebanon , the Palestinian genocide , what else need to proof these criminal ideas from a country with a resume full of constant abuse and deaths of innocents ?But that glimpse of truth that mingles awkwardly like a fantasy film has not yet finished to amaze. 

- The Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan al- Saud is a very old knowledge of the U.S. : Saudi ambassador to the United States from 1983 to 2005 , director of Saudi intelligence from 2012 . An article in the "Wall Street Journal" shows us a few things: a political career with ample shade : involved in the Iran-Contra scandal , an intermediary for the CIA in the 80s with the rebels Afghani ( Taliban mean anything to you ? ) in the struggle against the Soviet Union . An 'uncomfortable ', tied with a double knot with the American administration and its presidents over the past 30 years. His role , according to numerous media outlets , is to finance and recruit fresh forces between mercenaries and guerrillas , especially in Qatar but also on the Turkish border to be sent then the cauldron to fight against the Syrian Assad. Job already being undertaken approximately 30 years before the Russian -Afghan war .We are  talking of training centers rebels hiding in Jordan, here converge extremists from every stripe and belief, especially those with a weak for easy dollars . A huge flow of petrodollars is deciding the fate of the Middle East , the Saudi family is at the forefront to tame , to subvert, to remodel every single Arab nation hostile to these actors in this market made ​​up of debts and blackmail not too hidden . How do you make this decision-making power a man with a past so full of unclear affairs ? To err is human, but to persevere is diabolical . 

At this level the Mr. President Obama is showing even more pathetic , the shadow of the politician of few years ago , the developer of a new era of peace and justice. Obama appears for what it is , yet another pawn in charge for 4 years, the scapegoat , the lightning rod of an immense structure , where those who really decides are hidden in one of those rooms . Obama is the unseated commander of an empire which did not hesitate to drop two atomic bombs on Japan, which first showed the horror of chemical weapons in Vietnam , with generations of deformed children , an empire that does not move a finger to the daily massacre in Palestine , also with white phosphorus against civilians , but that consider "immoral" a massacre drenched in oil and power.Inquire independently to  form your own idea , this is the revolution that can destabilize an evil system . A news consumer is the best ally for people who care of everything except the best for the people ....maremmacinghialaaaaaa


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