Thursday, August 15, 2013

Today the water, Tomorrow the air, and day after tomorrow nothing

In a not too far future worldwide citizens will experience a further heavy tax to "honor" in the sea of ​​taxes, rates, bills and sundry payments. In a future not too far away, our children, or maybe our grandchildren will face the "Bill of the air". Imagine the context: attempts to reduce CO2 emissions are miserably wrecked, the world population continues to grow with an unsustainable rate for the planet, breathing diseases are dramatically increasing, deaths by smog are always on the headlines of all newspapers, the most virtuous city must still deal with rates of pollution not even comparable to the early 2000s. It will start to emerge mega facilities to purify the air of the most polluted cities, gigantic machines, placed in strategic areas that draw poisoned air and return it as clean as the mountain, no impurities, but rather enriched substances beneficial to the respiratory system. Each city will start the race to the new invention, the benefits are obvious but also the costs. Corporations will come into play, at stake there are stratospheric gains. From a public free management, it will be turned in to a mixed management with private and public, then only private, with the first rates, the first bills for an essential service for the people. Ladies and Gentlmen it will be the "Bill of the Air".Then will begin the struggle between those who believe that air is a natural resource, free from all taxation and who will promote the new expensive equipment "clean-air" as the only solution to save millions of people around the world, especially women and children, raising awareness  on Public opinion on this major environmental problem.We will face, as now, the trend of not thinking and then nobody will. We focus on the particular fact, omitting all actions that led the planet so close to the nowhere. As always you treat the symptoms and not the cause of the latter virus. The question will be: "It s fair pay so much for the air bill? Increases are excessive." But the right question to ask would be: "Who brought us to this point of no return?"Now replace the word "air" with "water" and you're in the nowdays picture.Someone, about a century ago, would have ever imagined that the only mineral water industry in Italy would have a turnover of around € 2.3 billion a year?Someone, about a century ago, would have imagined that the steady increases in the cost of the water bill, would be double of the rate of inflation? In Italy, a comparison between the 2011 and the 2012 bills shows an increase of 22 € (+7.8%). If you expand the comparison with the bills of 2000, the increase is 61%, while the increase in the price index over the same period was 28%! The Study of Consumers Association shows us how the primacy of the most expensive cities is up to the Tuscan towns of Florence, Pistoia and Prato, finished tied for first place, while the second place and the third goes to Arezzo and Grosseto. The less expensive cities, however, are Milan, Isernia, Catanzaro, and Campobasso Caserta. The macro-area with the highest bill is the center of Italy, followed by the Northeast, South and Islands and finally the North-West. Data also confirmed by a study of CittadinanzAttiva, according to which the Tuscany region is the most expensive in Italy with 8 out of 10 cities where the water service costs more at the national level. At the national level there is another fact to ponder: the dispersion of large quantities of water into the water supply, which, despite the chatter and a Referendum virtually ignored by the political institutions, it's up 32% in 2011, compared to 34% in 2007. The only Publiacqua (The business group who is controlling the water supply in Florence) for 2012 collects 23 million in profits, while for the investments, that had to be 78.5 million, instead turn out to be only 64.2 million. In comparison to 2011 decreased investment but increased profits. And all this in spite of a ruling by the Constitutional Court, the opinion of the council of State, the judgment of the Administrative Court and Tuscany, not to mention the mark of 27 million citizens (with the Referendum) and calling for an end of the profits from the management of water services.These are the real powers that controls the populations, domesticating freedom and the desire for knowledge. A network of agreements, compromises, stocks rise, mergers, contracts, closing down the masses, to suck the life to fatten the puppeteers who live above this general disaffection. Making everyone guilty.Publiacqua is controlled for 69% by mini giant ACEA, with a net profit of 77 million euros for the first half of 2013. ACEA is, as well, controlled for 11% by the French giant GDF Suez SA, which is number 33 in the ranking of the most powerful Lobby world with revenues of $ 125 billion. A brief search on the site, that collects the scandals and criticism which rains down almost daily on these multinationals. The subsidiary (50%), GDF Suez in Mexico, "Aguacan" has been repeatedly criticized by local people for the bad quality of the water, so badly  that many have had to buy an extra water purify. A recent article criticizes the Mexican company for the constant interruptions of water service in the surrounding areas of Cancun, hotels and resorts excluded of course, there you can waste without thinking. As for those cannot effort to pay rates that are constantly rising there is the suspension of the service immediately. The chain tightens the neck of the weakest.To finish the GDF Suez, in turn, is owned 30% by a Chinese holding Company, State controlled, which raises funds to invest abroad, primarily in Africa. Now a unilateral intervention in some African country to plunder some source of energy or some precious metal, in exchange for a hospital, a railway, unsolicited, is called "investment" before it was "colonialism". New pill for the masses and everything is channeled into the tracks of the "normality." This "double blade charity"  that returns one when it takes one hundred, which turns "debtors" entire States, such as patients without more forces, kept alive by a drip feed, but the drip itself  is the very cause of the disease. Debt, pollution, abuse, modified seeds, drought, war, murder, ignorance, some side effects of this charity.
The governments of the world have never been so absent and detached from their people. If even a democratic instrument as the decisive referendum does not change the fortunes of a country, but rather continues to allow and protect injustice and oppression, what other measures must grab a citizen? The protest must take the streets, the boycott by mass, the resistance must become daily bread. Because today the water and the air tomorrow, while the global energy giants, food, weapons, construction, continue to speculate on the ignorance of the many, completely addicted to this present, without dreams, and strength to imagine a different system. Resume the existence in your hands again, your passivity is their lifeblood. Resistance and struggle to live in a real world .....maremmacinghialaaaaaaaaa


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